Your Perfect Perfume

“Perfume is magic. It’s mystery. We recreate the smell of a flower. Of wood. Of grass. We capture the essence of life”. – M. J. Rose

Many times, I was given perfume as a gift, and the person who gives you a perfume needs to know you very well, to know which one is right for you. Sometimes you fall in love with it from the first smell, sometimes you accept it in time or never.

The perfume you use offers a distinct note of your being to all around you and even if you like more perfumes and they have a different scent, they will be based on a few common ingredients that characterize you as a person.

Like many women, I love perfumes, but I go into the perfumery and pick out the most beautiful smell for me. The perfume will be adored by some, while others will not like it. 

In life, it is somewhat the same. We meet all kinds of people, some make us feel like we know them forever, and some are not liked, because we have no common “ingredients”, or their quantity is insignificant to feel that we are attracted by their being.

We feel attracted to people who emanate power, self-confidence, who offer a sense of security, and there is a difference that lies in the source of those ingredients. Does power come from wealth or job, or does it come from within? The first is ephemeral and often translates into selfishness and pride, the second is lasting because it belongs to the human soul.

Christian Dior says “Make me a fragrance that smells like love.”

The perfect perfume would need some ingredients to smell like love:

Faith –

It is not the faith imposed by a “holy” book, written and transformed by every king or emperor in power, according to his will, but it is the faith in your divine spark. It is the belief in yourself that you are able to fulfill your dreams.

Forgiveness –

With or without the knowledge of verses from the Bible, with or without being named christians or pagans, you can forgive your parent, brother and any other being for what they told or did to you.

Truth –

The only truth you need to agree on is your own truth. I respect you all for your work, but I cannot like or comment for the sake of doing it, and I do it whenever I really like your work, for it resonates with my own truth.

Gratitude –

You can have it for nature for what it offers you, for the warmth and benefits of the sun, for the coolness and benefits brought by rain to the earth. You can be grateful to the man next to you, or to the virtual friends who read your work and follow you. It can be gratitude for every moment you spend on this earth.

For expressing your gratitude, “Thank you” are words full of beauty and positivity and we feel them fully when they are coming directly from someone’s soul and not from his ego that feels satisfied or humiliated when thanking and making it ironic or despiteful.

Respect for All –

Nature –

You want everything from nature, from fruits, vegetables, to animals, from wood, stone, and sand, to the earth. Therefore, you need to respect it as it does when offering you everything you need for living.

Human Being –

Respect for every human being for we all are the same. Looking around you everyone is another variant of “you” in different shape, color, height, and weight and yet, the same. Respecting yourself you respect All.

Equality –

Life without equality is life out of balance. “This whole world thinks that in order for someone to win someone else has to lose.  That is not a good thing.” (gserpent)

I agree with his words, for we are all equal, and held to the same earth by the same gravity. We are not born to have power over each other but ourselves.

Respect, equality, gratitude, and forgiveness are the best ingredients of the perfect perfume of love. Everyone takes the ingredients in the proportion that suits him the best and makes the perfect perfume for him. You decide in what kind of world you want to live, you decide what fragrance you want for your perfume of fear or love, to live in heaven or hell. Your choice belongs to you.

You see lots of things with your physical eyes, but the perfume has its invisible scent and at the same time, in turn, it will attract or reject others around you. You can be the perfect perfume of love for others as everyone is someone’s perfume of love.

Your fragrance may not be liked by everyone, but those who will resonate with you will be the ones who will love it, for its scent will be the perfect perfume, a fragrance that touches with Love their heart and mind.

With Love,Copyright © 2019

21 thoughts on “Your Perfect Perfume

  1. Beautiful message, Manuela!🙏🌠🙏 I absolutely agree that “respect, equality, gratitude, and forgiveness are the best ingredients of the perfect perfume of love”.🌅💛🌈 And yes, we always have the power to choose:) May we all be empowerd by Love and Light.🔆🌏🔆

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  2. Foarte frumos articolul și interesantă asocierea. Cred că atunci când oferim un parfum cadou, el reprezintă modul în care percepem noi acea persoană. De-a lungul timpului gusturile mi s-au schimbat, trecând de la note puternice la note discrete, de la esențe tari la esențe suave.
    Cred că este incontestabil o rază a personalității nota parfumului.
    Mi-a placut foarte mult articolul.
    O săptămână “cu parfum”!

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    1. Sunt complet de acord cu tine; nota parfumului oferă informatii despre personalitatea celui/ celei ce il foloseste.
      Multumesc foarte mult pentru intreg mesajul tău și îți doresc ca fiecare zi să îți fie invăluită în parfumul dorit!


  3. Mi-a plăcut mult și acest articol cu aroma perfectă pentru mine, ca de obicei toate articolele Manuelei, și da un Mare Multumesc și Apreciere pentru munca și gândurile profunde care le așterni pentru noi aici..

    O Săptămână Superbă îți Doresc, și mult spor în toate activitățile zilnice.. !!!

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    1. Îți Multumesc foarte mult pentru timpul ce îl acorzi lecturii acestor articole, pentru toate gândurile frumoase și aprecierea ce o lași in urma ta.
      Să ai spor în tot ce faci și fiecare zi să îți fie frumoasă și învăluită în aromele care îți plac!


  4. Its funny i never looked at perfume that’s why maybe my wife divorced me i never got it right i suppose lol.
    Really well written Manuela.. i have never looked at perfume that way or understood the fragrance and what it could mean to a lady a very interesting post… i haven’t brought in 20 years haven’t had a reason too but the day i do ill understand and feel why and who i’m buying it for.
    Have a great day..Manuela

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    1. Thank you so much for sharing your thoughts and appreciation!
      You are a honest and funny person and I am sure you will find who to buy a perfume for!
      Have a great day every day, Paul!


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