How Do You Deal with Your Life Storms?

Each one of us knows the pain and the winds of the storms that come into our lives. We can see failures, tragedy, and disease as our storms. Usually, they are unexpected and we do not want them in our lives. Additionally, we see them bigger than we think we are able to endure.

No matter how they are, we have two alternatives. On one side, we can be “crushed” by their power. On the other side, we can learn to use them to rise higher in our life. It is what an eagle does, for it rises higher using the winds of the storm.

“None of us are immune from pain and suffering when we come into this life, but learning how to love and be kind to others despite it all is part of the process.” Tanaaz 

Do we need these Storms?

They are part of the “salt and pepper of our life” and we need to learn from them, for our evolution, for everything that comes into our lives is for our good. In those moments, we cry, complain, and blame the people and the things around us and most of the times, we cannot see a good thing in those unpleasant moments, but there are reasons for them to come into our lives. Like I said before, everything happens for a reason. We are afraid of what is new, what is unknown. Going through that fear we will know what we are capable of doing and our power as a human being.

We are taught to see only the bad side of things and worry about everything. The more we complain and tell these things, the stronger the negativity in our body becomes. In that way, we send it to the universe to bring it back within us in other forms. However, it is not easy to look for the good side of things and accept that everything has a reason for what is happening. At the same time, it is not impossible to do it.

“Being afraid is not a choice, it has never been, and never will be.”

Instead of fear and blame, look inside you to see what you did or did not do in your life. Learn the lessons that these storms give you because no matter what your life offers, it only goes forward. Therefore, you cannot change anything in the past. You can change your present and shape your future.

How can YOU Rise above the Storm?

Open Your Mind and Soul!

Any failure or tragedy is a lesson you can learn from. Regardless of what you have lived or live, it is said that you chose to experience these things to learn your own lessons. Use the storms of your life to learn their lessons and rise higher!

Find your own power to talk about your negative emotions with people you know they have a sincere desire to help you. Looking for the origin of the negative emotions will help you release them and you will be relieved. Think back to those moments when you were talking to someone about something that bothers you. You feel like a stone has been taken from your soul. This happens because the energy of that negative emotion is released. You accept and let it go. So, let them go and continue your life.

We are energy in motion and everything is energy around us. We are taught to worry about everything, but we are not taught to focus our own energy on creating something beautiful and useful for us and everyone. Therefore, instead of worrying about failures, use your energy to learn your lessons.

You can Deal with the Storms

“Instead of worrying about what you can’t control, use your energy in what you can create.” Roy T. Benett

Any tragedy involving death means people ending their roles in your life and it was their soul choice. Usually, tragedy brings pain in our lives, but what leaves is gone forever. You can remember everything that was good and pleasant about that person, love him/her for the role they played in your life and respect their soul choice.

“There is only one way to be a respectful being and the path to this is very simple: Respect other beings!” (Mehmet Murat Ildan)

Any illness means negative emotions that we have not solved in our lives. The longer you live without changing yourself, these emotions become denser in your body and transform into what we call diseases. You cry and blame everything you can for them. Instead, ask yourself what you can’t forgive, forget and love. Look for these reasons and accept them because you can do this the other way around and will see the effects in your life. The solution is not represented by the chemical formulas/ medicines as you are taught. This is what the ancient cultures knew – we are energy in motion = e-motion and trying to solve the negative emotions, “your life will be healthier and more beautiful”. (Bradley Nelson)

Failure, tragedy, disease, are storms of our lives and the way we use them belongs to you. No one can help you unless you want to do it and rise yourself up, because no one can do it for you. You are the only one who can really help yourself, listening to your heart and body. No one from outside will know, feel and be able to do what you can do for yourself, because no one will live the way you live every moment of your life. You are the best for yourself. No one will give you more value than you do. No one can give you what you do not give to yourself.

The eagle uses the winds of the storm to rise higher.

The way you use the winds of the storm belongs to you, for it is your own power. It is your choice to fall or rise higher.

Rise yourself higher and get busy Living!

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With Love,

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10 thoughts on “How Do You Deal with Your Life Storms?

  1. Îți Mulțumesc Mult de aceste îndemnuri, si gânduri care te ridică fără să vrei, care te vindecă și te fac să speri, să vrei să mergi mai departe și să trăiești din nou..

    O Noapte Liniștită Manuela !!!

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    1. Îți mulțumesc pentru tot ce transmiți, pentru că înseamnă că mesajul meu își face datoria! 🙂
      Fiecare noapte să îți fie liniștită și frumoasă precum îți este sufletul, Ștef!

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    1. I agree with you, for when doing what you like you are the really You! It is a rough road, yet the most rewarding one. May all your dreams come true!
      Thank you so much for sharing your thoughts and appreciation! 🌈 🔆

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      1. I like how you acknowledged here that when you are following YOUR path, living your life purpose, that it is a ROUGH ROAD. But Yes, a rewarding one!
        Seems everytime I find the bliss of reaching a new milestone, the energy shifts, and new hurdles are placed in front of me with new funky energy to wade through again, finding clarity on the other side.

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      2. I agree with you. Usually, when reaching a new milestone, the hurdles are different and they help us to find more clarity of our path.
        Thank you so much for your read, comment and appreciation!


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