What do you Choose to be Your God?

We live in a society where, the so-called representatives use the same answer for what they do not do – “there is no money”. Yet, there is money for everything they want to do in their interest. What do they choose as their God?

Do you Choose Money as Your God?”

Not matter what race we breed, humans are made of greed. ” (gserpent)

I agree with the words above. Going to work abroad, I had to pay for some courses that I did not do at the college I paid for. It didn’t even exist. My husband and I did them at another college and did not have any refund. We were told to keep our mouths shut.

In the area where I was living a few years ago, were many stray dogs. I called to different institutions or associations about them. The answer was “there is no money”, but the institution has directors and clerks paid from public money.

In the institution where I was working as a psychologist, we were receiving a few pens. We had to use them for a whole month, even if we were writing several pages every day. I asked what we do when we run out of them. I was told to bring some from home (to buy them), for “There is no money”. Even if there were not money, one day we received a lot of new chairs and taken to the boss’s office because she didn’t have enough there. 🙂


There are roads started and unfinished, roads without ditches for drainage of rain and snow, historical monuments which need work. “There is no money” for them. I receive the same answer from the town hall where I am living, when asking about problems presented above.

We pay the water we drink although the rivers flow on this earth for unknown times. The prices increase regularly, and we live in a continuous crisis, for “there is no money”. But the land does not charge taxes for these flowing rivers.

We pay the energy that flows everywhere around us. Tesla developed a device that uses energy that is all around us. It is free and clean energy, for it never runs out. The projects was one that “should not” leak out to the masses. In this way, giant companies can run the countries paid energy. Also, they do not forget to increase the bills and say “there is no money”.

Actually, Politicians and Churches take care of their interests and pass them into laws.


A few months ago, I have been told a story of a family who could not bury their father. They spent a lot money with hospital treatments. The priest refused to do the funeral demanding that the family has to pay their dues to the church. Therefore, the widow preferred to change her religion to bury her husband.

On one side, the church does not do the service of baptism, of marriage, of burial without money. On the other side, it speaks of faith and love for people, without following their meaning.

On top of all, the forests which are the lungs of the planet, are cut and sold. It is the same with the land your parents have fought and died for. You are also selling organs, and children and women. Is Money Your God?

Descartes was right saying: “To know what people really think, pay attention to what they do, rather than what they say.”

Do you Choose Love as Your God?

An example of that is Mia S., a simple Romanian woman who created one of the first Romanian social houses for children coming from a challenging environment. She offered them the biggest chance: to live a normal life. There was not an easy way after Ceausescu had been the ruler and laws for social assistance were absent. However, she has not been discouraged and did not let any obstacles stop her from following her dream.

Please think that nobody employed her to take care of those children, to feed them, to go to the hospital with them, or to go shopping for them. Nobody supported her, but her husband.

Now all those children are “her children.”  They range in age from 1 to over 20 years old. All school-aged children go to school; some of them pursuing university degrees or even a master’s degree. Those achievements are the result of her helping children for almost 20 years. She chooses Love as her God.

Love is Happiness

Have you ever seen a happy child? I am not talking about those around you, about the children who have the chance to have a good and healthy life near their parents. It is about those children who never knew a true mother’s love, who only knew that their parents were going to hurt them because they did not love them. 

But love is deaf to all bad and hurtful words. The human heart that loves cannot be upset. You can see the true happiness on those children’s faces every evening when they go to Mia’s office to tell her that they finished what they had to do, and receive her good words and blessings.

I have also seen happy young and old people, and they were not paid for what they were doing. They were volunteers in the Marie Curie shop in England, working with Muslim children, or children with autism. They all were working with passion and love.

However, we are born, educated, have jobs and money thinking that it is our life. But all this is not life, for real-life means Love that we find in what we like doing it, by the side of people we love.

Love can be Our God!

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With Love,

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8 thoughts on “What do you Choose to be Your God?

  1. Greed is killing the world. Such a beautiful, unique world. The only truth in this world is love and kindness for all, animate and inanimate objects of our Earth.


  2. Nu mă știu cu engleza, nu leagă de mine, dar acum tehnologia ne ajută și in acest sens și așa am dat o copie pe google translate și am citit întreg articolul..

    Așa este, se spunea la un momendat că copiii se fac din lacomie, cam asta este problema la tot ce ne înconjoară, prea multă lacomie, inclusiv cei care predică despre ea sunt avari, zgîrciți și cu lacomia-n sânge, și au uitat modestia și exemplul fără egal al mântuitorului..

    Au construit catedrala așa zisa a “mânuirii neamului” de sute de milioane de euro, doar în stupidu ăla de clopot au dat 500 de miii de euro, în lăcomia lor, ei au crezut că îl bagă pe Dumnezeu acolo, iar pentru Dumnezeu n,are nici o relevanță niște ziduri de beton cu cruci, când însuși Domnul Hristos a spus că Dumnezeu nu locuiește in temple facute de mâini omenești, și că biserica este formată din pietre vi, adică eu, tu, ăla și ori cine, nu caramizi din beton..
    Au înebunit preoții, pastorii și toți, doar banii și afacerile îi interesează pe toți..
    Cât despre celelalte obsesii tot produse de râvna nebună de îmbogățire rapidă nu mai zic nimic, că mă doare capul..

    Mulțumesc Manuela, Zile pline de liniște și pace iti Doresc, Noapte Bună !!!


    1. În ideea că va fi mai ușor pentru tine, vreau să îți spun că ceea ce postez in engleză este postat pe blog în partea dreaptă ca și fișier audio în limba română, încărcat pe Youtube.
      În rest, în tot ceea ce scrii, ai multă dreptate, Ștef! Banii “aruncați” pe temple și clopote, pe hainele aurite ale preoților și în buzunarele politicienilor arată că societatea de azi are un singur Dumnezeu – Banul.
      Îți mulțumesc pentru lectură și pentru mesaj. Fiecare zi să îți fie minunată alături de cei dragi!


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