Can You stick to Love?

We are concerned about the weather, past, and future, about money and our daily life. Are we concerned about sticking to love? Can we stick to love?

To stick to love in a world where everyone demands to be loved by others? It seems easier to learn and teach how to hate and hurt each other. Though, can we love ourselves?

It seems to be difficult to start loving ourselves. On one side, everything around you is controlled by others. Everyone wants to control someone or something else. On the other side, everyone demands someone else to love him. Can you receive real love when you do not give it even to yourself?

Can You stick to love?

Roy T. Bennett says

Accept yourself, love yourself, and keep moving forward. If you want to fly, you have to give up what weighs you down.

The Light in the Heart

Unfortunately, our fear of accepting and loving ourselves is what weighs us down.

1. Accept yourself

Each of us has his challenges and experiences. It is not easy to accept yourself, because, in the selfish world we live in, everyone sees someone else better than himself. Or, everyone is looking to use someone to get where they want, then they no longer need that person.

In this world, it is not easy to accept that you are wrong because you judge yourself or someone else judges you. You are named sinful and then you think you are no worthy. It is also not easy to accept that you are selfish because you see yourself better than others. Moreover, in the ego’s society, the law, the rules, and the religion take care to make you feel guilty, sinful and worthless. However, you are neither worthless nor worthier than others as no one is worthier than you are. You are born worthy!

When you accept this, you can accept your dark side. Accepting that, it helps you to see your light. In fact, it’s only in the dark of night that you can see the stars. We all need to accept ourselves as we are!

2. Believe in yourself

Believing in yourself is doing things in another way than you have been taught. It means that you can pursue your dreams and live them. It means following your way of living the life you want. That does not mean pursuing someone else’s expectations and desires, but yours.

In this world, you need to listen and believe in your intuition, for it is your real tuition. Following that, you do not care much about a certain job, position, and money. You know that nothing is more valuable than YOU ARE. 

You believe in yourself doing the things you believe in. The things which make you happy, even if they are new and unexpected things for you or others.

So, every single day, you still wake up, believe in yourself!

3. Love yourself

Being imprisoned by your fears, you live with the need for somebody else’s love. You are scared of being alone, for you are scared you are not lovable. 

Loving yourself, you are freed from that burden. Loving yourself you love others and they will love you. It does not mean that everyone is going to love you or help you in one way or another. Yet, you can find within the power you need to look at yourself as you are a lovable human being.

Look into the mirror, and love what you see, no matter your look, age, height, or weight, no matter … whatever … , for you are … YOU. 

Be grateful for every moment of your life, every person walking along with you, every moment you can smile, every sunshine, every cloud, for everything is part of your life. 

Nobody gives you what you do not give yourself! Even in the loneliest moments of your life, you are the only one who can stick with yourself. You are the one who needs to love you. Why would not do it with love?

 Love YOURSELF for you DESERVE your LOVE!

Every drop of gratitude you give or receive melts into love. All the love we offer to ourselves is part of our journey. It is the journey in which we learn how to love ourselves and love others. Loving yourself is the real path to love.

Why? It is because Love gives meaning to your life, and it is everywhere.         

You can stick to Love


by Daniela Topârcean, January 2020

Infinite love...
inspire me to look you deeper
and deeper within
to know and live from my heart
and yours...

Inspire me to find out
words of light to express
your celestial song .. blue symphony
in which you embrace and delight me
with infinite harmonies
of life...

When I give up in gratitude and love
you sing from my soul like a violin,
you exalt me ​​in wonderful rainbows
or in cascades of light
for me to fully live you,
with abundance .. with intensity .. with tremor ...
in every Now ...

Thank you ... No one can stop you
To sing me the way you want to
To lift me to heaven...
to give me .. all you want...
everything that is written in the book
of my life...

You are so clear …
you give me a reason to give up
full of this dance, through endless spaces,
dimensions ... through universes and galaxies
discovering the heart of eternity
Our now .. the infinite moment
 of our shining fusion
in the Sun of Deity.

You hug me and always surprise me
with your power and grace .. with your uniqueness...
with your ineffable charm ...
in this dance of our lives and living,
dance of conscious creation
shuddering in the light ...

I feel the flow of your song in every atom
of my being, I live it with every breath
allow him to expand freely
throughout the Universe …

You are
everywhere ..!

Photo by me

With Love,

my sign.png

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27 thoughts on “Can You stick to Love?

  1. Learning to love self first, it becomes easier to root out hate from others and, safeguarding oneself, get to the root of their ill feelings. Then, loving others is much easier.


  2. Maria Daniela

    Thank you very much dear Manuela for the divine love and wisdom you give with each post !
    ❤ Infinite Blessings and Love for you and for all ❤


  3. I totally agree. I published a book four years ago called, The Unhappy Wife. I had interviewed 12 women about their current/past marriages. After writing the book, I realized exactly what you say here. I summarized it as such: know yourself; love yourself; be yourself. That’s the key to all relationships.


    1. You are right! Accepting yourself, you know yourself. Believing in yourself is being yourself. Also, as you said, together with loving yourself they are the key to all relationships. However, the title of your book makes me believe that it is a book every woman should read …
      Thank you very much for reading the post and sharing your thoughts!


  4. Loving is such a warm and happy feeling. Love makes the world a heavenly place. In my opinion the best form of love is a mother’s love for her child when she is happy. That is almost a concrete form of love.


    1. I totally agree! Love is what brings happiness into our life. The real, unconditional love does not know rules and boundaries, and the best example is a mother’s love for her child.
      Thank you very much for reading and sharing your thoughts!


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