How to remake Your world?

More or less, we all know the pain of the storms which come into our lives. Usually, they come as failures, tragedies, and diseases. They are unexpected and we do not like them. We also do not want them in our lives because we are afraid of them. We are taught that someone or something outside our world chooses a good or a bad life for us. A lucky or unlucky one. However, with all storms, we always have two alternatives. On one side, we can accept to be “crushed” by their power. On the other side, we can learn how to use them to remake our world.

None of us is immune from pain and suffering when we come into this life, but learning how to love and be kind to others despite it all is part of the process.


How to learn?

Some of the most beautiful things worth having in your life come wrapped in a crown of thorns.

― Shannon L. Alder 
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We use saying that our life is fair and unfair. That we are lucky and unlucky. You probably see yourself unlucky when some storms hit you. They hit you for a reason: something to learn.

I used to say that my life is bad, that I am an unlucky person. I changed myself, for I have started learning to take the good part of everything that hits me. In that way, I learnt that behind my thoughts there are wishes and desires of my heart. For that, I use the thorns of my life to see how beautiful life is. I still do … for nobody can do for me what I can do. That people can be against my wishes and try to keep me on their path of life. However, the day comes after night, and the sun shines after the rain. Besides, there is my choice to follow mine or someone else’s path.

Now, I can tell you that I am a lucky person. It is because I am happy when I wake up and see the bursts of sunshine or the clouds, feel the morning breeze, dance in the rain …

Living in a perfect world

Nothing is permanently perfect. But there are perfect moments and the will to choose what will bring about more perfect moments. 

― Mary Balogh

We are taught to look for perfection. For this reason, many times or most of the life we are unhappy, for we do not like the life we live. We look for fake perfection. Yet, the fight for perfection is the ego’s tool.

Nobody can say what perfection is. To make something perfect is to establish some rules or some limits. Nature, the universe do not have limits and are perfect. Infinity is perfect.

Accepting people around you and yourself exactly as you are, you accept imperfection as being perfect. Everybody and everything is perfect the way they are.

To change your life is changing the way you think and act. Trying to change others brings pain and suffering to both them and yourself. 

However, You will never control the outside world.  Magic is to control the inside world.  There is a huge difference.  I used to think that if I don’t mettle with life then life would get me.  The more you try to control the outside world the more you think life is out to get you when things go wrong.  We live in a world of duality.  The pendulum will swing both ways.  The only thing permanent in this world is change.  Nothing stays the same.  By trying to control things you are going against the flow of life.  By doing this you will always be disappointed.

– gserpent

How to remake your world?

Following your heart you never get disappointed. It is the one that shows you the path of your change. It is the path leading to your inner world.

You are the only one who can really help yourself, listening to your heart. No one from outside will know, feel and be able to do what you can do for yourself, because no one will live the way you live every moment of your life. 

You are the best for yourself and are born being worthy. No one will give you more value than you do. No one can give you what you do not give to yourself.

“As above, so below; as within, so without”

The change you want in your world starts with your change.

The love in your world starts with you loving yourself, then the world.

What is within you, is outside of you, for the world is your mirror reflecting you your inner world.

Your life is a blank page and you paint it with your wishes and thoughts. With bad thoughts, you create and re-create hate and anger. The good ones you make a beautiful life and world.

You are the one who can remake your world. You start to remake YOUR world when changing yourself! Moreover, remaking your world, you bring your contribution to changing our world.

Our life is fair with all that it gives us, for it is perfect in its imperfection.
Life is perfect as it is. You are perfect as you are.

Don’t try to be perfect; just be an excellent example of being human. 

― Anthony Robbins

Remake your world following your heart and giving your love to the world. Do not control it where, when and how to do it. Just give it unconditionally.

Remake your world with Love, for LOVE IS ALL and never ends.

Love never dies. – Eduardo Palomo

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With Love,

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  2. Beautiful Quotes. It is true that the only person we can change in our life is our own selves. That is all the change that is needed to make life perfect.


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