Living Happy –

5 Common Things you know

It is the title of my free e-book for all of you who want to read it.


What is happiness? Where can you find it? Are there any recipes?

Each of us is the owner of the happiness recipe. Everyone has his recipe because that is within. The most important thing is to find both our ingredients, and their right proportions for the mixture which is our life. 

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Trăind Fericit –

5 Lucruri pe care le știi

Este titlul cărții în format electronic și gratis pentru toți cei doritori să o citească.


Fiecare are propria rețetă a fericirii, pentru că ea este în interiorul tău. Cel mai important este ca să îți găsești atât ingredientele dorite cat și proporția exactă pentru tine, în amestecul care îți este viața.

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14 thoughts on “Living Happy –

      1. ‘Today’s ashes are tomorrow’s soil.’ – beautiful words full of wisdom. Loved reading the book. Yes gratitude brings peace of mind and happiness.


      2. You are one of the kindest souls I’ve ever met, apart from my mom and sis. They too are full of kindness and never ever lose their temper. Noce to have nice and calm people around. You feel cosy, nice, warm and protected. May God keep you happy and healthy.


      3. I am honoured by your words and I bow to you. Thank You for your kindness and for being around, here and now!
        Love, health and happiness to you and your dearest ones!
        ❤ 🔆 🙏


      1. Maria Daniela

        Thank you Manuela,
        The english version..but is OK for me 🤗
        I wish you a wonderful time,
        Infinite gratitude, Namaste ! 🙏❤


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