Motivational and Inspirational Movies (28)

Iron Will (1994)

This movie is based on the true story of Will Stoneman and is about a dogsled race from Winnipeg to St Paul, Minnesota.

Will’s dream is to go to college. He gets an acceptance letter but can’t afford the cost of college. His father is proud and determined to enter and win a challenging competition with a prize of $10, 000. Unfortunately, he dies unexpectedly and Will sees himself in the position of deciding to enter the race to save the family farm and reach his goal of going to college. He follows his father’s advice:

If you want something really bad, I mean you really wanted, you better go wherever you find it and grab it.

Will’s father
Image by patrick__b from Pixabay 

Following Will’s journey to overcome extreme fatigue, and injury, the cruel plots against him and the frozen Alaskan wild is like following the journey of pursuing your dreams. It is a journey which makes you discover that you are made from strengths and weaknesses and nobody can walk your path.

The whole movie is about determination, perseverance, and the courage to follow your dreams regardless of the obstacles.

Don’t let fear stands away your dreams…

Will’s father


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