A smile, a flower & a ray of sunshine

A smile or a flower can bring sunshine to your daily life. Smiling or giving a flower to someone, you give a ray of sunshine to them.

A smile

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Every time I look at a smile, it seems I am discovering a new facet of humanity. The smile painted on a man’s face gives me a glimpse of his inner world, a world that differs from person to person.

Even with all the differences, each smile has its own beauty springing from the soul. But the purest smile will always be offered by the purest soul, a child’s one. A soul that does not know selfishness and wickedness, one that loves with all its being. He offers a pure smile, and it knows no limits. His smile does not need education, money and power. He knows no boundaries of colour, sex and religion because he has only one religion – the religion of love.

The children showed me in their playful smiles the divine that exists in the whole world.

Michael Jackson

A smile can bloom on your face because of a smile that a stranger offers you or something simple that you receive, such as a flower.

A flower

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We have a saying: «there is no spring with a flower». Even if it may sound strange, I think a flower brings more spring to someone’s soul than a bouquet. I am referring to cases where that flower is offered out of pure feelings, without any interest. When the only reason is to see the smile of joy on the face of the human being that receives it. In addition, a flower may drive away from the anger, and bring a smile to your lips and the sun to your eyes.

I can think of life moments or images seen of a child who is just learning to walk, and he is attracted to the beauty of a flower. He leans over the flower, picks it up and offers it to his mother or a loved one next to him.

I love the flowers in nature where they belong, but I do not remain insensitive to the flowers I receive. Nowadays, there are those flowers attached to comments or emails. Thus the flower becomes a wordless carrier of the feelings of a being who is somewhere in the world and travels with his thought of you. And I can say that every flower brings a smile to my face.

Flowers always make people better, happier, and more helpful; they are sunshine, food and medicine to the mind.

Luther Burbank

For me, the flower is the symbol of respect, appreciation, gratitude, or someone’s love. It gives me a reason to smile and cherish every moment of my life.

Moreover, the flower and the smile bring sunshine to the eyes of the one who receives them.

A ray of sunshine

I said, among other things, that I see each sunshine as a new beginning. It is like a new confirmation that I have lived another night and have a new day ahead. A day in which I can do something good for myself and others. And a ray of sunshine seems to smell like flowers and brings a smile to my face, too.

The flower gives smiles, and a smile means joy. Together, laughter and flowers dispense clouds and bring up the sunshine in our hearts.

We can all give smiles around us. Everyone can plant and provide flowers. By giving and receiving smiles and flowers we all fill the world with sunshine. It is a way of brightening up each other days.

Surround yourself with people who make you laugh. Laughter is to the soul what sunshine is to a flower.

Peggy Toney Horton
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