Carve your name on hearts

I told you about my move into a village, in a previous post. Moving there I could make another dream true. I started a small orchard and a flower garden.

Some people have asked me the reason I plant so many trees for I will not be able to eat so many fruits. My answer was that those fruits will be enjoyed by generations to come.

Generally, we all think of leaving something behind us. Why?

Carving your name on things

To have

We come to this world with nothing. We leave this world with nothing. Despite that, we live in a world fed with so much hate and death for things, and money. We carve our hearts on things we don’t know how they might be used after we are no longer here. To have something or to have more than others. Thus, families and human lives are destroyed and wars started. Just for “having”.

To have, we spend most of our life gathering. Many of us do it from the greed of the ego because it is like a bottomless bucket. The more you gather, the more it wants. Having something, it lives small moments of happiness, which shortly disappear, then it wants something else.

We plan to have and do something and to leave a big inheritance those who come after us. It’s like living our lives for others.

I have heard so many times “I live for my child”. I am living my life for myself, for it belongs to me, and the child has his own life. How do you know what other people like? How do you know how someone else chooses to live his life? Inheritance in money and things has its purpose, but it is not everything in this life.

To be remembered

On the other hand, I heard the expression “I leave him everything I have. He will take care of me and will not forget me.” Do you think you won’t be forgotten? The matter is changing. Forgetting comes in time, anyway.

The memory stays alive when you remember the man who taught you something and you use that. You remember a man who helped you when you needed it. The man who made you understand that you are as good as he is and that you can do what you want. The man who makes you understand that you are born worthy. That you can build the world you want.

To make someone else’s life easier

Many people think that inheritance will make life easier for others. Maybe those who inherit it are not grateful for what they have, for they have not worked for. They do not know or do not want to understand that someone else made effort for.

Maybe you have been taught that you deserve everything from others, but to give nothing back. Yet, giving is receiving!

Carve your name on hearts

A child will not forget the way his parent made him feel: happy or unhappy.

He will not forget you made him proud when he achieved something. Or when he was wrong, and you encouraged him. He will not forget what he learned, through your example and the help you gave him when he needed it.

A man’s greatest investment are the seeds he plants in the child’s mind and soul. Through what brings the smile on the child’s face and gives him the power to evolve harmoniously as a future adult.

“People won’t remember what you did for a living, they will remember how you touched them with kindness and love. ”

– Debasish Mridha M.D.

How to touch their heart?

Kindness and love, hate and wickedness received are things that are carved in people’s hearts. There are positive and negative things that each of us carry inside. Wherever we go or try to run from them, we will not succeed. They go with us because they are part of us.

We plant the seed of trust in a child when we encourage him. When we show him that making mistakes is human and those mistakes are our teachers.

We offer him respect treating him as a growing adult. Thus, the respect offered will be the one that he will offer to himself and others.

You teach him attitude when you take attitude by words or action to change the things you don’t like. And this is not hurting or killing. You can take attitude doing the things you love.

You give him courage when you know how to ask for forgiveness if you think that you made something wrong for him or others.

He will feel worthy if you spend time playing with him or teaching him to ride a bicycle. Maybe you will support him in competitions and be part of the gallery. You can laugh or cry with him. Thus, he will feel loved and that love will shape his soul. In turn, he will know how to value himself and love what he has around him.

Living your life with love for you and all, you carve your name in people’s hearts. It is your real legacy.

“Carve your name on hearts, not tombstones. A legacy is etched into the minds of others and the stories they share about you.”

― Shannon Alder

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With Love,

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26 thoughts on “Carve your name on hearts

  1. Superbe gânduri !
    Citesc cu mare plăcere articolele tale care de fiecare dată mă înviorează !
    Mi-a plăcut mult că plantezi pomi !
    Nu înțeleg de ce pe uni oameni îi deranjează pomii, chiar zilele trecute vecinul meu a tăiat un nuc de la el din curte de lângă poartă deșii nu-l încurca cu nimic și mai are unu chiar lângă casa mea pe care de mult timp îi tot face curte cu drujba, dar insist de fiecare dată să nu să atingă de el și îi spun că dacă pe mine nu mă încurca, atunci cu ce l-ar încurca pe el, măcar ca tot timpul eu mă urc în vârful lui si îl scutur și îl ajut gratis și la cules de nuci, doar, doar să mi-l lase în pace acolo, mama la fel are probleme cu pomii, toti prunii un cireș și un gutui pentru care am plâns ia tăiat pe toți, probabil sufletul unor oameni este uscat și este musai să usuce tot din jurul lor..

    Multe Salutări Manuela !!!


    1. De acord cu tine, Ștef! Îmi aduc aminte copil fiind, că tata planta pomi lângă bloc și vecinii îi scoteau. La fel se întâmpla și cu florile. Acum au tăiat cam tot ce au avut acolo și au rămas fără nici un pom.
      Peste drum de casa mea erau trei sălcii mari, bătrâne. Nu le-au curățat, ci le-au tăiat complet și au scos cu excavatorul rădăcinile. I-am întrebat? Știți că acei copaci țineau de vânt, de ploaie, mențineau terenul să nu o ia la vale ca să nu mai vorbim de rolul lor pentru oxigen? Persoana respectivă s-a uitat la mine și … atât. Dacă nu pot avea grijă de ceea ce e lângă ei, se poate să le pese atunci de pădurile țării?
      Îți mulțumesc pentru gândurile tale și pentru apreciere și mă bucur sincer că îți folosește lectura postărilor!
      Îți doresc tot Binele pe care ți-l dorești!


    1. I thank you from the bottom of my heart for your appreciation! Your words means MORE than any nomination!
      However, in the last year I turned down all the nominations I have received, but I will try my best with this one!
      Have a great day every day! 🌈 🙏


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