Motivational and Inspirational Movies (33)


The movie is telling the story of a passionate and ambitious person, who dreams of becoming a conductor. Despite her talent, everyone refuses to take her seriously because she, Antonia, is… a woman.

According to the magazine “Gramophone”, in the ranking published in 2008, none of the 20 best orchestras in the world has ever had a female chief conductor.

Gramophone published another ranking in 2017, now with the 50 greatest conductors of all time. 0% women


Antonia dreams to become a chief conductor. Her passion for art, makes her seek and find solutions to achieve her dream. In her journey, a few tried to encourage or support her, and most discourage or laugh at her.

On the one side, the film captures the woman who wants more from life than following society’s stereotype, that of becoming a wife and mother. On the other side, the film captures the man who does not accept that a woman can have other dreams, too.

A movie about the struggle and victory of a woman who believes in her dream with all her will and nothing stops her from achieving it.

Antonia devoted her entire life to music. and remained active as a guest conductor for famous orchestras. However, she never attained a permanent position as chief conductor.


A wonderful movie about life lessons, self-confidence, abnegation, perseverance, and passion.



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