Wonderful Wordless World (202)

Flowers of Autumn 2

In my garden

Photos by me



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10 thoughts on “Wonderful Wordless World (202)

  1. Your flowers are really beautiful, you obviously have a green thumb. I can’t seem to grow anything. My husband is the one with the green thumb. By the way I wanted to tell you that your write on believing in your dreams and your attending Oxford was such a wonderful thing for me to read. The comments were closed but I just wanted you to know I really appreciate your honesty and sharing that with this community. Maybe someone who is doing that right now will read your piece and it will change your life. What a beautiful woman you are too. I love a classy hat. Sending big hugs, congratulations and just a big thanks for that heartfelt encouraging write for everyone. Big hugs and love, Joni

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    1. Thank you very much for your comment. I appreciate your kindness and honesty, Joni. They show how beautiful your soul is. Big hugs and love to you, too! ❤ 🔆 🌈
      PS: I love hats! 🙂


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