A little bit of Heaven (183)

Rasnov (Râșnov) Fortress

Peleș Castle, Corvin Castle, Făgăraș Fortress, and Transfăgărășan are all located in Transilvania, Romania. Today I try to present another fortress: Râșnov Fortress.

A peasant fortress with simple architecture and an area of 3500 square meters, Râșnov Fortress (Rosenau Burg in German) is located on a rocky hilltop in the Carpathian Mountains, 200 meters above the town of Râșnov, Brașov county.

Râșnov Fortress was built by the Teutonic Knights to protect against Tatar invaders and later enlarged by the local Saxon population. It was first mentioned in an official document in 1331.

“Strategically located on the commercial route linking the provinces of Transylvania and Walachia, Râşnov differs from other Saxon fortresses in that it was designed as a place of refuge over extended periods of time.” (https://ro.wikipedia.org)

Image: Daniel Tellman

Image: Stamatoiu Sebastian

The legend of the well

It is said that during a siege, two Turkish prisoners were asked to dig a well in the middle of the fortress in order to regain their freedom. They dug for 17 years, during which time they wrote verses from the Koran on the walls of the well that can still be seen today. The fate of the prisoners is unknown, with some saying they were released and others that they were killed.

Image: Treteen

Also, the elders say that deep inside the well is a treasure that is at least 300 years old. Although the climbers explored the well, they found no trace of it.


The Râșnov area became famous after the movie “Cold Mountain” was filmed, which was even awarded an Oscar. Some of the scenes were shot at the peasant fortress.

Rasnov Fortress is a historical monument and also, a landmark in Romania.



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