Motivational and Inspirational Movies (34)

The Perfect Family/ La Familia Perfecta (2021)

Inspired by our life, and the idea that it does not matter what world you are coming from, the movie depicts through drama and comedy, the way you can reinvent yourself as long as you wish and find your inner strength to do it. Even if “The Perfect Family” (La Familia perfecta) is not a highly-rated movie, I liked it.

In this movie, Lucia is a posh woman for whom the most important thing is leading a perfect life and the goal of achieving “a perfect family” All her efforts focus on her family and controlling all around her.

The life of the family crumbles when Sara comes into Lucia’s son’s life. Sara is nothing like the person Lucia pictured as her son’s wife. She is an independent girl who likes freedom and lives a simple life. Also, her family is very different from what Lucia wished for as relatives.


Lucia is shocked when Pablo, her son, introduces her to Sara with the intention of marrying her. Initially, her intention was to stop that wedding, but Lucia helps them plan the wedding along with Miguel, Sara’s father. That planning will lead to an ill-fated romance between those two. In reality, that becomes only a diversion for what is next.

After their affair, Lucia moves out of her big house, of the life she knew, starting to listen to herself. She starts reinventing herself even if she is in her fifties, living life on her own terms.

A beautiful movie that starts as a story about a wealthy woman and disapproving future mother-in-law, and turns into a film about a woman’s reinvention and her freedom.

A movie about family and friendship, love and dreams, and the power we all have within.

In a simple way and with wonderful characters the movie depicts the world we create ourselves from what others expect from us or from what we wish for ourselves.

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  1. Pare un film interesant, cel puțin din recenzia pe care ne-ai făcut-o.
    L-am pus în lista mea de așteptare.
    O săptămână frumoasă îți doresc, Manuela! 😇

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