Moving through the Eternal Now

Sun Enters Aries – Happy Astrological New Year! (March 20, 2017)

The Lesson of Presence — Moving through the Eternal Now

Bill Attride

What are you going to do now; how do you begin; where do you begin? How should you start the day, the week, the year? Because this is most important, it is fatefully important to you.

The first thoughts you think, the first feelings you feel, the first actions you take, they flow forth from you, and they will both mold you and give form to what you create. By these first steps, “you make what you make of you”.

Each and every step you take will set in motion a chain of causation that echoes down through time and space. Though every single step matters, it is the first one that sets the pattern for what is to follow. So, consider wisely what are you going to do; who are you going to become?

Today you begin the Astrological New Year in the “Circle of the Living Ones”, the fundamental Spiritual Hierarchy of Life you know as the Zodiac. Today you start the next journey of you in Aries.

In your life, as in all things, first things come first…This is the Lesson of Aries, this is your lesson of “Presence”. It is here, right now in Aries, it is always here that your past and your future are brought together in the only place you are free to be the creator, here in the Eternal Now.

You must remember this, that you are in fact a unique combination of all twelve energy-forms of the Zodiac. Some part of you is Aries, some other part Taurus and even Gemini is part of you too. This is because these Sacred Twelve form the Spirit-Substance of Creation. From the smallest infinitesimal on up to the grandest stellar wonders of Galaxies and beyond, each part and particle of Creation is at its core a radiant particle of the One Spirit whose “Center is Everywhere and whose Circumference is Nowhere”.

In life after life and through all the moments in any life, you move through Space-Time in this “vehicle” of you: your body, feelings, thoughts and spirit. In each moment, you bring yourself into some “space”, and that space changes, and so do you. You turn a corner and encounter something/someone; you enter a room and are faced with the Energy-Forms that were already present. And in the very next instant, you must determine how you will be, what you will be, and who you will become.

Aries is the beginning, it is you aware of you. It is by Aries that you take the first step. It is by Aries that you are self-aware and newly awakened to and so inspired by the power and joy of new beginnings. But before you leap into the next moment or the new day, before you move out you must understand you…before you go “out” you must look within.

How you meet the moment before you is formed by your level of self-awareness, which is most certainly revealed by what informs your “Presence”, your Motivations and Intentions. What is in your head and heart, what do you “Desire”? Because if you wish to know “where” and “how” you might be going, you must look within to understand the “why” you are coming from.

As you move through space-time, as you enter a “new-space”, you must immediately ascertain what you should bring to bear to meet this moment well. If the situation is already too energized, then you need to bring your calming self. And if the situation is lacking in energy, then you must bring more liveliness to bear.

If you lean in too much, you will be overwhelming; and if you hold back overmuch you will be underwhelming. But it you can bring to bear in each moment that perfect balance of you that fits, then you will be welcoming and welcomed, and you will be well-met indeed.

For each encounter with the Now, there is a hierarchy of considerations that should be formed into your presence. It will often matter how you are attired. It will very much matter how you hold yourself, as your demeanor or disposition will be critical to your reception. It will matter how well you speak, and how well you listen.

But all of this and more will flow from your awareness; all of this comes from your integral combination of Right-Intention, Right-Thinking, and Right-Feeling. It is by this that you are truly you in Right-Action. Your spiritual awareness, your level of intention, will determine how you will be and what you will next become.

If you understand the “Why” of you, then you will know that you are one of many ones whose journey is the Song of Spirit. If you can truly understand that each of you is precious, then you will know that you are equally precious for one another too. Then you will understand this “Why”; you will know that the truth of you is Love. Then you will stand in the Eternal Now, the place of Freedom and Truth, and when you do this you will truly shine.

You are here to be who and what you are, and only you will make it so. If you have listened to your soul’s true nature, you will bring ever increasing Light and Love into every moment met in the Eternal Now. You will take your next step in your self-becoming as you:

Lead with Kindness
Act with Courage
And love one another as you love yourself.

Because this is who you are; this is who we are.
You are one of the ones of the One.
You are here because of Love,
You are you to be this Love.

Follow the Wisdom of the Ages,
It is written there in your heart.
Know Thyself; Love One Another,
And you will be you as you,
Live by Love in the Eternal Now.