The Sacred Road

March New Moon in Aries ~ Ready for Your Next Steps

By Sophie Gregoire

This is the game of the spiritual path.

It starts with an incredible faith in something you never did – which sounds like breaking free. You believe in that first leap so much because you intuitively know that you’re doing what’s right.

Then you fall, somehow. The first struggles are maybe the hardest to face. Because you thought it would be just easy and fun and free, to find yourself – to become the truth.

But ultimately you find your first swords, you resurrect your first uncertain Tiger’s words, you regroup and you get back to hope, trust and faith – sooner or later.

And so you want more. So you do something else- even crazier and higher, even more aligned, even closer to yourself.

The more you walk the Sacred Road the more you see yourself willing to travel more adventures within and in the world, the more you risk you heart in the name of love – the more that invincible golden center of yours ultimately wins over the mind and leads your way like tender swords.

And you fall, again.

And you rise from the depths of the waters, again.

And one day, you wake up and you
think “now I’m unbreakable.”

That’s when you’re ready for what’s next.

This idea comes to you, because you know that you already fell a thousand times but most importantly you remember that you always came back.

You surprise yourself smiling at each possible obstacle that could come your way now, slightly mischievous, as if you had nothing to loose, happy-go-lucky imagining new merry-go-rounds where to learn a few more steps to yourself – and you think this, I already saw.

That obstacle, I already recovered from.

That fire, already played with.

You think, amused that you’ve already resurrected from an interesting number of deaths of the sacred winding road.

This, is when you’re ready for what’s next.

So you decide that you’ll embark on the road again, with fire under your feet and golden sparkles in your hands.

You know, and it’s a divine roar. It’s written all over your skin, it has even become your name. You think : I’ll never come back to “normal”.

And you see yourself smiling, playful little fairy.

You’re smiling, because in your heart you’re hiding the most beautiful secret, the mystery of a lifetime – a sparkling jewel that only Tigers will be able to read in-between-words :

The sacred road is life.