The New Dawn

Be Willing to Receive The New Dawn You’ve Been Working For

By Sophie Gregoire

Now you can feel it. The change, the rising, your shift. You know something has been healed by Divine decree.

Somewhere, you’ve been set Free.

There is a way of yours that passed away and most importantly, a New Way was born.

It’s like a fresh baby you.

But that new you is what you always were, actually. What changed? Nothing, now you just really see yourself for what you are.

All of it. 

You don’t want to drop any of what you dig out. Heal more yes, work towards more light yes – but abandon or neglect parts of you, never again.

Somewhere, you’ve found yourself.

And this gave you the strength and magic recipe to evolve outwardly, to love others in a new way – because you don’t need love or approval from them that much anymore.

Love and approval, you’ve it found within.

You’ve offered this to yourself, alone – your own two hands.

Now, you simply want to give them pure joy, butterflies, spring flowers and good morning kisses.

You don’t need external intervention to bandage your self-worth that much anymore.

You’ve understood that in this fucking crazy adventurous life, actually YOU lead, YOU get to give the tone of what you experience.

From what you achieve Within with those golden swords of yours, the Without shifts.

But somewhere, you’re scared now.
Because you see clearly who you could become and what you were meant to be.

And this isn’t that small or dull at all, actually.

You understand that those dreams, that Hero’s life you wanted, those kind of people, all of it – is almost available to you now.

So you wonder. 

Maybe, this is too golden now. You think maybe you’re rising too much, going too high.

You wonder, what if you become a badass successful Fairy or the emblema of the heart-led shining Warrior?
What if?

Yes, you already know. What you wanted, never was a “dream” as they said.

Yes, you can have it.

Yes, it’s scary. 

We traveled all the caves within but somewhere – we made it.

Don’t be scared. Rise. Keep it up.

Yes it’s a lot, what could happen now on the other side of April.

Yes, because you’ve found yourself now.
And what you found, it doesn’t suck at all in truth.

So no, you won’t deny the gems you revealed.

You won’t go back to “normal”, you won’t drop that new gown of a thousand sparkling fires – the royal heritage you’ve offered to yourself, the golden path you’ve resurrected from within. 

No, it’s not too much.

Somewhere you always knew – that life, it was just waiting for you to meet her half-way.

Keep it up. The Rising.

You’re on the right track, I’m telling you.

No, it’s more now – you’ve found your own Unique Golden Way