Twin Flame Monade ~ Goddess Has Healed All Co-dependency

By Talaya Franke

“Greetings from the Twinflame Monade,

All is seen. And it happens NOW. Goddess has healed all co-dependency.

The masculine is now confronted and conflicting Creation Source by seduction and soul corruption through hormones, spring, impatience of wanting them to have You with them in the physical, initiated by aries in virgo constellation. The patriarchal bloodlines have full grip on the masculine right now. Karma is to be solved/balanced.

The female must now step back for this is to be healed and felt by the masculine SELF.


It shows in the MASCULINE NOW because your counterparts evolved in quantum speed up to their SOUL choice for sacred Union, that any kind of sexual addiction, is now revealed as a huge dilemma: wanting sacred Union which allows no compromises. For this pure force is to lead to CREATE and manifest the highest aspects of Mother/Father GodSelf and to be manifest on our beloved Gaia and for humanity.

Remember yourselves that the biggest divine force given as sexuality for CREATION was mislead and the root of many problems in the past energetically. As masculine and feminine had been understood by only a very few highly evolved light beings.

Keep in mind that physically the male gives out and the female takes in. Honor yourself and this tough process the male goes through right now it the effort to balance the father/mother wound. It indeed is hard in the male’s physical. Yet keep your temple sacred and safe from energetic pollution from the dark patriarchal bloodlines. You are to take yourselves completely out of this process.

Dear beloved Feminine, fasten your seat belts. See the big picture.

As the SACREDNESS of divine CREATION you hold through your sacred sexual Source, is being tested now. Remember that the masculine, your beloved counterparts in and of itself seeks Sacred Union based upon devotion to GodSelf and is love indeed always. This, beloved Feminine, is why you are them.

Do not judge to not add up to the very underestimated self judgment your counterparts try to overcome NOW.
The female leads through its receptivity. Your body is sacred.

Step back from this huge negative energy you feel through your sacred twin union and high receptive nature and keep embodying and creating instead. No matter how hard your twins now are pulled back into 3d Matrix. It is their divine Soul essence functioning like an archer, like an arrow, shot into the soul essence. In Archery bow, arrow and aim, are one.

The universe sends loneliness only to have your awareness.

I AM of deepest Core
I AM that, I AM
Blessings and Purity, dearest beloved ones.
Talaya Sri En Ra and I AM Love

~ Namasté ~

With gratitiude,
Talaya C. Dalimonthee-Franken

The above article, written March 31st 2017 is sent to Love Has Won, with my permission to publish it under “Love Has Won”