The Way of Beauty

Mercury Turns Retrograde (April 9 – May 3, 2017)

Bill Attride

With one week to go in the Venus retrograde cycle of forty days, Mercury chimes in by also “passing Earth on the inside track” as it turns retrograde today until May 3rd.

The gift of Venus retrograde is to encourage a more introspective, pensive consideration with regards to the hierarchy of values in your life. The source and substance of every value (and of your value), the true means of measurement and ruler of value, is found in the spark of the Divine which resides within the heart of each particle of Creation. Your inestimable value is your birthright; your foundation-source of worth is the unconditional love that is forged and formed in your spiritual heart by a luminous spark of Divine Love.

It is more than welcome that Mercury begins this retrograde in the very sign ruled by Venus, whose spiritual inspirations are centered upon these meditations of value, the sign of Taurus. Though many will note (and complain) that Mercury retrograde seems to be the source of so many mishaps and misunderstandings, the problem lies with our lack of appreciation for what is indicated (and required of us) when Mercury the Messenger bends your awareness back upon yourself.

For this is the whole point of Mercury retrograde. You are to take the next three weeks and make them an opportunity for greater self-reflection. You are being led into deeper self-examination (and self-criticism), so that you may ascertain the true value or substantial validity of your thoughts and ideas. You are being given another chance to separate your thought-forms and discern what are the substantial “facts” or truths, and what are merely your insubstantial assumptions or opinions.

This is hard work, and it requires focused intention, patience and honesty. Fortunately, Taurus is the sign of persistence and determination, with a rigorous devotion to lasting beauty and value. It is helpful to have some outward examples of essential values to guide you, as you separate your “wheat from chaff”, as you determine your knowing from someone else’s opinion. For example, it is most useful to take more time to notice and appreciate the beauty in your world, (and so in yourself). As you contemplate the value of this or that in your life, immerse yourself in the beauty of nature, take a walk in the woods, or on the beach, watch the sunrise or set, touch the earth and smell the scents of nature and so be reminded that there are many things which will always and forever be true, and you can build on that.

Likewise, enjoy the beauties that have been fashioned by the artists of yesteryear and today, and make time to visit a gallery or museum, or attend a musical concert, play or some other performance. Certainly, you should make some time and take up with your own hand, or voice or whatever is your preferred instrument of self-expression and let the beauty within find a substantial form through you.

Yes, as always, you must avoid the mishaps of Mercury retrograde too. Understand that everyone is more inwardly attentive, though many may be unaware of this change in themselves. So, that even if you are listening carefully as well as communicating clearly, others may not. Again, be patient with them as with yourself. Establish clearly what are the “facts”, assumptions or points of view that each of you is holding. Firm up your commonalities and build from there to restore, renew or build up your bridges of mutual understanding and love for one another.

Mercury is turning,
And so should you.
Time to ground your awareness,
In Everlasting Beauty and Truth.

Listen attentively,
Think Lovingly,
Act Kindly.
And may you Walk in Beauty every day.

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