Those People That You Want to See More in Your Life, Want More of You Too

By Sophie Gregoire

The “right people” for you, those that you want to welcome more and more in your life, they want more of you too.

They want to see you strong, rising and bright – but this not to extract your light in order to feel full themselves, or to say “this person is mine” and feed their own sense of worthiness.

That’s the same for you. You don’t need their compliments to feel worthy, you don’t need to swallow their light to feel bright yourself. You love them for what they are at their core – their essence, their energy.

They do too. The “right” people for you, those that you want to welcome more and more in your life, are there for you when you’re going through a bad time – but this not to use a “weakness” of yours in order to tell you what to do and interfere with your own journey of self-discovery, or to make you loose track of your own path.

Those people aren’t scared of losing you if you rise. That’s the same for you. You don’t want to make them become something specific, just because it makes you feel better or in the control of the relationship. You don’t enjoy their company because you need to be rescued, and they don’t rely on you either to be saved.

You both have wounds and things to think of, and you hold space for one another – but at the same time you understand that you are walking your own personal journeys of self discovery. You’ve understood that their path, their happiness is to find themselves according to their own rhythm and will. ❤️

Those people that you want to see more in your life, they give Love to you and respect your Individual Freedom at the same time. This is Love, and Presence and Kindness but without the need to melt, to become another or to control. This is love, made between two independent & becoming individuals. ❤️

Love is romantic partnerships yes, but it doesn’t have to be this only. True love is experienced in families, friendships and etc. Those people that you want more in your life want more of you too — because you both seek the same kind of love, the same nature of bonding.

True love doesn’t attach – it lets you feel free to do what you need to do in order to find yourself. True love doesn’t give you deadlines, doesn’t find or force your own answers for you – it lets you become, find and see.

True love witnesses, true love holds space. Also, true love loves.

True love is kind, patient, loving, soft, respectful, committed and free.

True love is there for you, and true love makes you Happy. Those people that you want to welcome more in your life … they want more of you too.

Sophie Gregoire
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