Only Serve the Law of ONE

Ascension Update ~ Reclaiming Your Personal Power

By Natalia Alba

Beloved Ones,

Our deepest fear is not that we are inadequate. Our deepest fear is that we are powerful beyond measure. It is our light, not our darkness that most frightens us. We ask ourselves, Who am I to be brilliant, gorgeous, talented, fabulous? Actually, who are you not to be? You are a child of God. Your playing small does not serve the world. There is nothing enlightened about shrinking so that other people won’t feel insecure around you. We are all meant to shine, as children do. We were born to make manifest the glory of God that is within us. It’s not just in some of us; it’s in everyone. And as we let our own light shine, we unconsciously give other people permission to do the same. As we are liberated from our own fear, our presence automatically liberates others. Marianne Williamson.

It is a time of deep silence, soul integration and liberation of everything that once served us to evolve but that is no longer aligned with our Unified Self Will. It is a time to witness the lower self, as we destroy old worlds and build new ones that will foment a path of oneness instead of the separated one in which we used to dwell. It is at this time of profound inner change that we have Pluto, the Heart Planet, “retrograde” in Capricorn, since April 20 to September 28, to help us reorganize our tangible life as well as to help us become aware, of where we place our power and the use we make of it.

At this phase, we find ourselves immersed in the manifestation of our soul desires, within the physical. Remember, Beloveds, building is made from a pure space of authenticity, purity and communion with our soul. One cannot build from the ashes of the old, for they will not serve you to rebuild a new reality but to dis-empower it, by bringing back old memories.

Building is made from the inner knowledge that we are forever changing, accepting this as a constant and using the opportunity of the unknown to navigate through new horizons. Building cannot be done if we still hold regrets for past mistakes, for moulding a new reality is only done when we use our inner Force Light to love what was and embrace what Is, knowing that all serves us in evolving, as we keep climbing an infinite ladder of soul reunion with Source.

Failing to take full responsibility for our thoughts, feelings, words and acts is one of the main reasons why some people give their power away. For every time we do something against the Law of One, it is easy to blame others instead of recognizing our part. The majority of people do that unconsciously, and when they lie or hurt others, they find many excuses – in terms of what others have “done” to them – to justify their own actions. This is a way in which we give our power and energy away, by blaming others and victimizing ourselves for what others may have done to us, when in truth, what others have done to us is not our responsibility. Our responsibility – response-ability (the ability to respond) – is solely defined by what we give out.

Another way in which a lot of people give their power away is by literally poisoning themselves with processed food, addictions and everything that maintains one’s attachment to a certain person, situation and all that one keeps re-creating in one’s reality. All this is not for you to punish yourself, deny or blame the part of you who is human. This is for you to become aware of the many implants that are still playing within your mental plane, and that are compulsively making you repeat the same old scenarios, without embodying the lessons

Most people, even in the spiritual community, who maintain an addiction to someone/something and still claim sovereignty, are not taking responsibility for their own journey, for they are using external things to mask their pain and refusal to heal by blaming the world for all that has happened to them and by lulling their physical bodies with substances that impede the pain, yes, but also the light required to heal.

This is written from a place of total respect and love to All, for I am not here to say what is right or wrong, as in essence nothing is, or to judge anyone. My pure intention is to simply help you to become aware of the old implants and programs that we all have had or still have running within ourselves and that impede us to express our true potential as Divine Beings. All these old patterns are so hidden within our unconscious, that we are not even able to discern when we repeat them.

I have co-created sessions with beautiful souls, beyond which human words can express, and as they told me their personal stories, I observed how some of them tended to give their power away to their fears, by telling themselves how silly they were for repeating an old pattern, or for being again with the same person, or simply because they do not love themselves and it is a way of self – punishing.

My mission is to observe and assist unique individuals in awareness that they are giving their power away every time they diminish themselves with negative self-talk. For every time you tell something negative to yourself, you are not treating yourself with compassion, instead, you are creating another program which will keep telling you how unworthy you are – of having all your soul desires and experiencing an abundant life.

Your own fear and lack of power can also be reflected in your dreams or physical body, for it is our main fountain of guidance to let us know what we are feeling and creating in the depths of our being. I have been asked many times what is the meaning of constantly dreaming that one cannot properly walk or run at all, as well as being unable to drive a car in their dreams, not knowing where to go, or to lose teeth. Usually, in the physical they also tend to experience pain in their legs and spine. For this is a sign that we are in fear, unable to control our life experience and where we are going.

All these are not meaningless dreams, this is one way your soul has to tell you that you are allowing your fears to control your life instead of your inner Light Force, allowing them to guide you – or better said, paralyze you – instead of following your soul compass while you walk as human. This is a message for you to take your power back and to use it wisely, so you cannot feel others control your life. For this is a human illusion, the biggest one of all.

It is in the silence – that reigns in this intense month – that we are finally able to open ourselves to the Truth that has always been shown to us, we just had to know how to listen, we just had to master our lower self to allow it to descend into our being. Pluto brings into the light our inner shadows and the aspects of the Self that need to be healed by inner transformation. As it is in the sign of Capricorn, who is a very practical sign, determined to bring all his goals into the physical, we are invited to ask ourselves if we are resolute to put our soul visions within our tangible plane or if we are still living off mere dreams in the ethereal, due to our lower self fears and lack of power.

At a collective or planetary level, Pluto’s effect will make some people feel confused, and for those who are beginning to awake, unable to discern their true path. This is due to the previous need, we all have in this journey, to first embrace our shadow self, before we could step into a higher path of conscious co-creation. This will continue for a few years, as we are still bifurcating from the 3D Old Earth and adjusting our frequency is not simply a one-day process. It takes spiritual devotion not just for our own journey but to All, deep commitment to practice our inner work as well as integrity and neutral observation.

It is a period we could also use to consciously work on DNA reconnection at the same time that we also keep clearing old implants and 3D programs that we still hold within our lower layers. Pluto gives us the gift to observe if we are still attached to our human fixation to change or if, on the contrary, we are forever turning old worlds down and flowing with change and the opportunity of soul expansion and a higher creativity.

Do you only dream of what your human life could be, instead of using your power to build what you desire into the physical? Do you practice constant renewal in your life? For this is how we start the change we would like to see manifested. Do you give your power to other people and circumstances to convince yourself that you are not able to change anything, unless they allow you to do so? If so, you are not seeing who you are yet and the best is that all that seems chaotic in your life, is a constant reminder of not what others are making for you, but of the misuse of your own inner power.

Your power resides in the Now, in the capacity of BEing fully present in the moment. Your power goes where you put your love, attention and intention. Therefore, choose wisely whether you waste your Divine Inner Force on meaningless things, or whether you use it to construct and create new outcomes that will assist All.

To transform your life and regenerate yourself, it is essential to first dissolve all the false inner beliefs that impede realisation of who you truly are and the power given to you, to create. Changing your life is done through constantly letting it all go and being at all times aware of who controls your life and who does not. When one feels lack of self-love and respect for the self (an individualized aspect of Source who is immensely loved and appreciated by the Divine) one cannot use his/her power properly, for it has already been given to others or external forces

When you do not see yourself as an extension of God, then you cannot manage your Divine Force, for you do not even recognize it within yourself. It is when this occurs, that we tend to judge those who walk among us as sovereign beings, as being selfish, and egoic, for they walk as incarnated Gods/goddesses, instead of mere puppets controlled by cosmic forces or other beings.

To have a better understanding from where the guidance you receive comes, which also depends on your soul contracts with these cosmic beings and above all, in the purity of your intention, physical frequency and to whom you give your power, I share the basic things I usually do, between others, in my unique way, to purify myself, protect my energy field and to only commune with my Guides/Selves who come from a pure Fountain as well as to call upon my Unified Self, as I call our Higher Self.

This is important, for I have been receiving many emails with people wanting to communicate with different entities, or doing self-healing, without not even the proper consagration, to do so. It is important that we do the energetic work required not to attract negative forces. Do it, only if guided, take what resonates with your path and with where you are now and remember that you are always – as the master and healer that you are – your main fountain of love and wisdom, not other beings, not external cosmic forces, but you own Self.

I have not included any Ascended Master, Archangel or being, although as you know Michael is magnificent protector. For my own personal journey, I prefer to commune first with my Unified Self before calling other beings – that I do not maintain a soul contract with. In your case, feel free to call as many ones as you feel guided to.)

Begin to use protection to assure you are not allowing other forces/beings and negative form of thoughts to enter into your sacred field. I use, apart from other physical tools, my own meditation with my own words to surround my auric field and all the aspects of my non-physical body dwelling in all dimensions, with a golden shield. You can change it as you feel more comfortable. Visualizing yourself within a white pillar, will also work. The most important aspect is that you feel connected to Source, again. It all depends on your preferences and own guidance.

Call upon the Presence of your Unified Self and Monad, for protection and to ask for the proper guidance and healing you need at the moment. For they will tell you if there are still some old programs that need to be cleared or what it is exactly what you are in need of.

Set your pure declaration of intention to only serve the Law of One and your God Self, above all other forms of human illusion

Be in gratitude for all you asked is already done; for your highest good and that of All.

Note: always follow your own guidance and use your own words. I am not a teacher, nor am going to program you with the words that I use for myself. I do not know more – than you do – about your own personal journey. I am simply sharing from my heart to All with love, selfless assistance and respect for your path, in case it can help you. Thank you!

In love and light ∞

Natalia Alba

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  1. I love the disclaimer at the end. As with all who know we only speak words that we know work for us. We do this in the hope that there may be a thought that will move others to what works for you. You have written your truth very well.

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