Surrender to a Higher Plan

Surrender to a Higher Plan


By Sophie Gregoire

The power of Intention seems to be a lot stronger than deliberate, strategic, calculated action to draw to us the essence of our desires.

Doing in order to get strategically from A to B operates based on the mind, and its vision of a world of limited possibilities and journeys.

In this world one needs to know and decide what’s best for them, and plan carefully their way up the hill.

In this world, human beings control their destiny – they decide to do x based on what they think or know at a given time, or based on what they’ve been shown as right. They consciously decide both their goals and a strategy, recipes, to get there and arrive.


While the Power of Intention’s Universe is based on an opposite paradigm, one of a world of infinite possibilities, which knows More than humans do about their own highest potential and good.

In this world, people create from the open intention of “bring me what’s best at that time”, without consciously knowing what will the highest manifestation of that.

That Universe of infinite possibilities they live in therefore delivers, brings them as gifts the most aligned form of what they want, desire or need — even if beforehand they didn’t know what that was, haven’t even heard of it sometimes.

In this world, human beings don’t consciously control their path based a set of knowledge and recipes they inherited or learned.

Instead they surrender the Details and the How-s to a higher wisdom of life.

They trust in a higher intelligence than the human one, and know that they don’t need to know that much, as they Know from experience and faith that they will be brought wherever and to whomever is right… that every delay has a meaning, that every human encounter is Divine and that what didn’t worked failed precisely in order to open up the way for the Plan.

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