The Way Home

Sun Enters Cancer — The Solstice (June 20-21, 2017)

Bill Attride

The Gift of Security, The Way Home

Fire, Earth, Air…and now Water. These are the four ways of Being. These are the energy-forms of Idealism, Substance, Thought and Feeling. Each is in every part of you, and in everyone and everything else too.

These four energy-forms are modulated through three expressions, Cardinal, Fixed and Mutable. From these Four expressed through these Three are made the Sacred Twelve Energy-Forms. These Twelve Forms of Spirit are known in the Ancient Teachings as the “Circle of the Living Ones”, who are the twelve dimensions of Creation you know as the Zodiac.

In this Astrological Year, you have aspired by Fire, substantiated in Earth and reflected through Air, and so it is time to “come home once again”, it is time to return to the realm of feelings found in the Waters of Cancer.

Yes, it is time to pause once more, at one of the Sacred Four Corners of your journey through Space-Time, to take some time and consider once again: From whence do you come, whither are you going…and most profoundly to consider it all, why…why are you here?

But of course, the answer to why you are here must bring you to that ultimate question:

“Why is this or that, why is anything at all?”
And the answer is to be found within your heart of hearts, as it is reflected all around you in the minerals, animals, and stars and the moon. From down to the most infinitesimal and up to galaxies and beyond, everything is because it is Spirit. Which means quite simply this: All of this is Alive, because Spirit is Life, and so all of Creation is the Life of the One…and it is this very same “One” who is the heart of you and you and you.

Your “home”, your “center” is all around you as it is most certainly to be found within you too. For “you are all related”, from the beginning to the end, and all your many lives are strung like diamonds upon a chord or necklace of spirit. And each one of these luminous diamond chords weave together into the raiment or body of the One, whose “Center is everywhere and Circumference nowhere”. There is but One Spirit, Omnipresent and Immanent in one and all.

In Cancer, you are to feel this, this rootedness in Creation, to feel connected, surrounded, embraced, caressed, nurtured and loved by Spirit. Cancer is about your feeling whole for yourself, and yet equally, necessarily and inextricably, you feel you are part of something much greater too. You feel the whole of you, as you feel the one within you, and equally your kinship with the whole of Creation too.

Depending upon your spiritual unfoldment, qualified by your self-awakening, the connections and feelings you will experience will vary from the most obvious and immediate to the most sublime. For some, it will begin (and end) with Mother-Father, Brother-Sister, Grandmother-Grandfather, Aunt-Uncle, that is with the physical fact of family and birth in any one life. This is your physical truth, you are part of this physical family from generation to generation.

For some, it will extend outwards, upwards and equally inwardly as you feel your way to that “Intuitional Knowing” that we are all brothers and sisters, and we are in truth to be “all for One and one for All”. For as you go deeper you feel and find that you come to the very same center that is there for one and all.

You are here for one another, because you have been cared for and nurtured and formed by one another again and again, in this life and so many lives before. Whether from Father or Mother, or Grandmothers and Grandfathers, in your family, tribe or your family of choice, your companions whom you call brother and sister, from wherever you feel and find your kinship and your truth, you will also know this greater truth that we all are related as ones of the One.

And as you go deeper you realize that as much as you have risen from the waters of Earth, you have descended from the waters of Space. You are the above and the below, and you are truly a microcosm of the Macrocosm. That is why the key to life, inscribed upon all the Ancient Temples of Truth, the Key to the Kingdom of Everlasting Light and Life is to “Know Thyself”. By self-knowledge you also will also obtain the keys to the Knowledge of the Universe.

Here in Cancer you know this, because you feel this. You know beyond words, beyond the boundaries of intellect, as you feel and apprehend what remains beyond the reach of your ordinary understanding. You know this because it is undeniable, this self-affirming feeling of love and caring, and this is your true source of security throughout the ages.

You know because you can feel this truth: that you are never alone, that you will always be cared for, and you will always be nurtured and welcomed home again and again by the Divine Love that is the source of you. It is this same Light of Love that forms your heart, and which holds all Creation together from age to age. And it is this Divine Love which leads you outward, to care and nurture and hold one another in the love of kinship and fellowship from the beginning until the end of Space-Time.

You are all the signs, and somewhere in you, in your own astrological chart, there is the space that is Cancer. This is where you are to be nurtured and it is where you will nurture others. This is where you will feel the warmth of being part of the One, and know that there is but One who is in us all that prompts us to love one another as you love yourself.

Celebrate the Sun’s Solstice, “the sun standing still”, pausing in the heavens as the seasons turn and your opportunity comes once again to decide which path you will follow now.

If you would know which way you should go, it would be best to consider this feeling-knowing from whence you came.

To know, in your heart of hearts the great Truth:

“We are all related”

Follow your Heart,

Care for each other; Love one another,

And you will find your way home.

Bill Attride