YOUR Heart knows

Energy Update ~ Actions is Coming Closer. Claim What You Know is Yours

By Sophie Gregoire

There is so much Solar energy within you. It wants movement, action, getting things done, going back on track, getting truly started on the way to your next level. You want to do and see your reality transform.

Your doing, being in the world, Masculine part is so full of life after a couple of months of that miled wait you needed, while you were processing emotions and exploring.

You needed first to unveil more of your Feminine side, that intuitive, sensitive part of yours which knows what’s good for you — to be able now to do and become more outwardly, but from the Heart.

There are those things you’ve been contemplating for a long while now, and now it seems that you could go and act.

Follow the rhythm of movement.

Emotional confusion is not a No as it used to, but more the signposts of what still needs to be processed but shouldn’t keep you stuck where you are. On the opposite the more you embrace the waves of Water and Fire the more you are directed, or redirected again, to that desire to see things happen.

Claim what you know is yours.

Follow what inspires, what says freedom. Which rings true to your Heart and gives that sense to the Solar Plexus of – I AM.

It is the rebirth of your energy, and resistance is futile sometimes when motion has already started with or without your conscious participation.

Your Heart knows that nothing is coincidence on the path.

Your heart knows that this energy is leading you right.

What you feel is your birthright, feels you are their birthright too.

Walk in trust.

∞ ∞ ∞ ∞ ∞ ∞ ∞ ∞ ∞

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