A Time of Massive Change is Coming

A Time of Massive Change is Coming


By Sophie Gregoire

You are strong enough to follow your heart’s song. You have enough power to be the change you wanted to see.

Follow the vision, the goosebumps in your heart. Remember what values, beliefs and ideas you were originally fighting for. Justice, ethics, sharing wealth, equality, truth.

There is a place, a community and a role which is meant for you — and it is the exact thing you need to anchor and be what you’ve dreaming of for yourself and for us, as a whole.

ForeRunners are now or will be carried soon somewhere to embody a role or be part of something different.

It is something big which respects the entire truth of your essence and soul. It is good for you as an individual, but and very importantly also to build and anchor the new paradigm with and for others.

This is the gift you’re offered from the Sky. Your mission is to receive and follow through.

Follow the path you are being shown, even, especially — if it is a path less traveled.

I’ve enjoyed connecting with you



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