We Can Now “Afford” To Be Wrong

We Get To Be Wrong


By Raphael Awen
July 18, 2017

The challenge we face when considering the popular idea that ‘we create our own reality’ is feeling, if this idea is true, how undesirable aspects of our present reality are our own creation, which in turn makes us wrong.

Parts of us may be ready to admit that they need and are willing to change, but often can’t get beyond what they feel is ‘taking the blame’ for the way things are now.

To accept blame is to admit wrong. To be wrong is to be unworthy of love, as only the right are worthy of love, as love is given to those who earn it by ‘right’ of their own righteousness…right?


We’ve had it all wrong. You were actually right all along, but became convinced you were wrong. So then, you were wrong about being wrong, when you were right all along.

It actually doesn’t matter any longer who is right and who is wrong, except to those, whom just like we did, must yet live their lives like forensic accountants avoiding blame at any cost, and must continuously lay the blame at someone else’s door. We all needed our time in the wrong to move us to where it did.

To those of us now awakening to this new reality that we are all-right; that we are love; and that we are worthy of this love that we are; there is a celebration of arising deep self-worth based in true self-love where we can now ‘afford’ to be wrong, where we simply couldn’t before.

Now we come to see and feel the very empowering feeling that only the one doing it wrong gets to take responsibility for doing it right, where the rightness and wrongness doesn’t actually mean anything anymore, in terms of blame, but now instead points to huge opportunity.

You created your own reality on the outside that perfectly matched how you felt about yourself on the inside. You come to see that this ‘create your own reality’ idea is something you’ve had down pat for a long time, but just didn’t know it, as you had it working in reverse to where you choose to move it now.

So, if you can now freely be wrong, what would being freely RIGHT look and feel like to you? What picture of new creations can you see and feel in your imagination as your new arising reality?

Raphel Awen

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