Life Wants to Meet YOU

Energy Update ~ We are in The Womb, Pregnant of The Eclipses

By Sophie Gregorie

From this weekend with the New Moon… and until the end of August,
You are Manifesting,
The All of the Joy of You.

Love doesn’t want you to feel smal, praying, begging, waiting, wondering.
Love sees you, acknowledges you and wants to share a journey with your
Physical, Emotional and Spiritual Self.

Loves comes to You as much as you come to Love,
Love Opens to You as much as You open to Love.

Work doesn’t want you to live in lack, in smallness or in the isolation of being out-of-alignment.
Work wants to see you tall, seen, bright, living in abundance,
And aligned with your truth and the beliefs of you, of your Tribe,
The freedom seekers.

Life wants to meet You in all that you’ve been waiting for.

What’s your responsibility there?

You say No to what doesn’t feel right,
You go elsewhere or you just wait and see what life has in store
Because…. it always has.

See – if you compromise, you align with Less of You.

So you stand tall
Knowing what you Don’t want and energetically reaching for something higher
Knowing that you will only go UP if that is your desire and,
If you don’t say Yes to anything less.

The womb of before and in-between eclipses wants you to get ready to create something big and beautiful,
Even if that means patience
Not to settle for,
Less than You.


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