Loving The Less

Loving The Less To Know The More

By Raphael Awen
July 27, 2017

The secret to letting-in the more we desire is about feeling and even loving the less we presently have. I can’t healthily embrace more without owning the less.

Without a relationship with more AND less, I am left polarized and stuck to more, and unable to move in flow with true abundance.

In my life, I have known a decades long relationship with having stuff, and accumulating more stuff on top of that stuff, along with all the stress and ingrained push-pull fear of losing that stuff. Then, in the last number of years, I chose to embrace a conscious relationship with how I was relating to my stuff, which led to a number of natural and guided choices to let it go, including leaving behind a 30 year ‘lucrative’ career. I remember and even miss at times many of the material goodies of the old life, but what I am really feeling is how they were taken for granted and couldn’t be let in for the love that they were. In a very real way, you could say that I was immune to abundance while living in it. Now, at present coming to know less, and even love this less, I am afforded a previously missing piece to truly coming to know abundance intimately.

Over holding material or non-material forms of love can be likened to resisting breathing trying to keep our lungs full of air for fear of not finding our next breath. We are left in stasis and unable to move.

The secret of so called ‘anti gravity’ devices that can ‘defy’ gravity actually is found in that they embrace gravity so deeply that they feel it’s counterpart of levity and in marrying the two, a way to do what we call ‘defying gravity’ occurs. Holding both energies of levity and gravity is what allows for ascension, descension, and maneuverability. If we want to ‘defy lack’, we will have to get past our resistance to lack and instead marry ‘having’ and ‘not-having’ in a similar way.

In this similar kind of way, I AM both more AND less. I possess both. Both want to live in me and be able to be dialled ‘up’ or ‘down’, as need be through my supple emotional body and expanded energy body.

You and I are being invited into the place where the concept of ‘working for a living’ is coming to truly be a part of our antiquity past, a relic of a previous inability to find our lungs of true abundance, letting in, letting out, as need be.

If I am abundance, then any experience of lack must only be occurring for me as part of the super-abundant and super-intelligent abundance that I AM. My mind no doubt wrestles with the paradox of this and even aches for the new timeline beyond the lack, and to be in the manifest abundance that I desire, but as I feel how the present manifestation of less is actually a manifestation of the more that I am, I am growing in my ability to manifest the life I desire, filled with true super-abundant pleasure and love in all of its forms.

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