Feel YOUR Heaven And Hell From Within

Heavenly Energies Invite You To Feel Your Heaven And Hell From Within

By Jelelle Awen
August 5, 2017

Heaven is Now. Heaven is within you. It lives in the capacity of your every moment to experience it AS heaven. It lives in the potential to experience yourself AS heaven. It lives in the choice points of love over fear which bring this heaven frequency into your consciousness with your every loving choice.

Feeling what is your heaven and what is NOT and making choices toward your heaven is the process of ascension. The heaven energies are inviting you to this feeling ground place in all your bodies (emotional, spiritual, energy, social, physical). As you let these heavenly energies IN, you are moved into visceral experience of what lives inside you that doesn’t resonate to this heaven. You are face to face and heart to heart with what has been necessarily lower, denser, and needed to put on to fit in with the ‘less than’ heavens all around you.

I live in heaven as now for ALL of my moments. Even those that are painful or difficult are not less than heaven because I bring them into the heaven of my heart and LOVE them as such…..and they move eventually into heaven frequency with that love. My painful or raw feelings (and aspects) don’t ‘bring me into hell’ because I choose to hold space for them and feel them and BE with them as my heavenly self. Because I embrace these energies as beloved parts of myself and honor my emotional body AS deeply as all my other bodies, there is no resistance to BEing with these frequencies. There is no fear in me toward them and so no push away toward them.

Resistance, push away, fear, shut down, numbing, diverting, edgy or angsty without feeling the true vulnerable source underneath of the PAIN is a version of human hell. You create this hell when you don’t bring your heaven essence into feeling it ALL. When parts of you disconnect and block you from being with your own feelings, this is a kind of hell too as you are disconnected from your own heaven source. It doesn’t matter what is going on outside of you related to this heaven or hell sense as it ALL originates from within and is filtered from within.

Many souls could be ‘dropped into’ my life and may find it much less than heaven. Some of the conditions in it may not work for them or parts of them at all or they just cannot let in the love and intimacy frequencies that I experience inside of myself, with my beloved sacred union with Raphael, within community, with others that I serve as teacher/guide. They cannot let in the heaven of it or see or experience it that way because they cannot feel that about themselves.

This happened recently actually with a soul who chose to come here to live near us in community and then could only see and experience it as a ‘living hell’ even as it is OUR heaven. Parts of her could not bridge the gap between the 3D and 4D frequencies from inside and in her emotional body to create and experience a heaven here with others vibrating in higher self love and love with other 5D frequencies. She had to ‘go back home’ to where it felt more comfortable to parts of her, return to frequencies she had become more used to even as her soul and higher self were consciously very unhappy in this ‘hell’. This was a sacred choice for her on her journey and we ‘let her go into it’ even as we hold an open invitation for her (without lowering our own frequencies to ‘save’ her) to resonate and BE with us in the future when/if she is desirous to.

As you find and BE in your heaven within more first, you find that can take that anywhere with you and in any situation that you are in. You draw more heavenly situations and outside reality as you live this more inside and as you make choices related to relationships, geography, soul purpose expression that reflects this heaven inside. If you experience hell or frustration or unhappiness or lack in your outer world, so this is a reflection of this going on in your inner world and esp. sourced in your emotional body.

These heaven energies coming in through this current Lion/Lioness Portal and eclipses is inviting you into your inner heaven. They offer a taste and experience of heaven frequencies. They really are….even as they invite you to feel the hell inside in response to them. This is the aspect of the journey that just IS and what you signed up for as a soul here. Your higher self coming into your body more and more trusts this and kNOWs that it can only come in more as you surrender to this process as you let in more and more of the heavenly love that you already ARE!

Jelelle Awen
We can support you to access your inner heaven and inner hell in order to transform, heal, BEcome…through private sessions, group calls (one is coming up this saturday), retreats, community:soulfullheartwayoflife.com/services


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