Mercury Turns Direct in Leo

Mercury Turns Direct in Leo (September 5, 2017)

Bill Attride
September 5, 2017

You have been waiting for this. Mercury has been “slowing down” for a few days now, and it begins moving forward once again today. It was retrograding from August 12th until now, but it will take a little while to get back to its regular motion. You may experience or observe that your personal thought-forms and external communications may not completely normalize until Mercury leaves its retrograde zone on September 19th.

The past three weeks would have been best spent in quiet reflection, contemplation and self-correction. But of course, in our modern world life goes on, and having that kind of opportunity is rare indeed. Hopefully, you did find some time each day to bend your thoughts back upon yourself, and you were able to clear away some of the accumulations of misapprehension, inconsistency and confusion that often cloud your consciousness.

Now, it is time to apply this clearing of your thought-forms to the world around you. While most of this retrograde was in Virgo, Mercury is turning direct in the sign of Leo. That brings the focus of your mind (and disposes others likewise) to be most shaped by concerns regarding Respect, Honor and Love. These thought-forms and sensibilities are in everyone’s mind and upon everyone’s tongue. Much like the physical weather, it is best to be prepared for what may come by understanding what conditions prevail at any one time.

You would do well to pause and consider how to approach any matter with a true consideration of the respect you need to show to one another, always. Certainly, you should have a keen appreciation for your own self-regard, which is founded upon knowing who and what you truly are, a self-aware spirit whose core is formed by spiritual love. From this, you should find comfort and grace in enduring and healthy love and respect for yourself. You can stay centered and true, with clear thoughts and intentions as you hold yourself with this knowledge of your origin and destiny…

But you must equally acknowledge, that any person who is before you is owed this same consideration too. Whether that person be friend or stranger, your “master” or “servant”, that person before you is fundamentally your equal, walking the same path of self-awakening and self-fulfillment as you. If you want their respect, you must earn that by showing them the same respect you wish to receive from them.

Think respectfully, speak kindly and listen attentively because it is how you wished to be treated too. If you wish to understand one another, to grow in consciousness which can only be accomplished by commingling your thoughts with one another, you must do whatever you can to open your minds to one another by acknowledging the fundamental and common value you share; that each of you is a spark of the Divine, and each of you is ultimately a luminous being whose true nature is formed by Divine Love.

You have had time to reflect and make amends for wrongful thoughts and deeds.

Turn the page in the book of life, and face the promise of better days.

Your thoughts, words and deeds will forge your future.

Choose wisely, act lovingly.

And you will shine.

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