Love Has Already Won

Love Has Already Won

By Raphael Awen
September 5, 2017

Until you accept that every want and every desire is coming ultimately from love, you are unable to see the forest for the trees.

Even the so called evil desires for self-gratification, power, control, destruction are all part of love’s reality that provide contrast and comparison for love to be seen and known for what it is.

Our deep rooted fears of imprisonment in a matrix that we cannot escape from stem from this staggering oneness in love that we are inescapably embedded in.

Our collective and personal attempts at hate, evil and greed are only escape attempts from this essence we are. Existentially, we have a need to press the boundaries, test the edges, and to see what actually is or isn’t. We simply cannot believe the immensity and power of love that we are informed from and with.

Looking at the big trees standing so strong before us of our separation, our tendency for war, our corporate greed, etc. only obscures the forest of love that these trees have their place and rightful lease in; the forest of love. There is only one forest.

This picture is equally true inside of you. You wouldn’t claim to be all love as far as every motive and act is concerned, would you? There are the parts of us who are in conflict with other aspects of ourselves who must control, suppress, dominate, obscure, hide, be disintegrous, and manipulate with an agenda. There are other parts of us who would of course work hard to keep these aspects hidden even from our own acknowledgment, let alone being called out by others.

But these very aspects of our being are also sourced and rooted in love. There is no other essence in the universe for them to be coming from. They are only doing and being what made perfect sense to them to find their way in the service of love to protect, to manage, to survive in the context of life as they know it and experienced it. Our being chose the experience of the convincing illusion of not-love as a way to come to terms with the love that we are.

The war is over. Love has already won. It wasn’t really a war actually, as there was only one Sovereign behind this war playing both sides to the middle; the center of everything; the center of love. Parts of you just don’t know it yet.

And herein lies the meaning of what we call life.

Life is simply a story of you, me, along with every last bit of super intelligence finding this out for ourselves; for our varied selves; the parts of us marooned on distant islands, loyal to their posts, hunkered down for the long haul who never got the memo that the war is over; that the war was never even a bona fide war in the first place.

Love is knocking on your door today, official signed and sealed memo from on high in hand. You are inescapably and completely love. The post war reality is now to embrace every part of yourself for whom this is not yet true and find ways to accustom them to this new reality as they are ready, willing and wanting.

Raphael Awen

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