Distracted again!

Distracted again! How Irma guides us away from Wholeness

by Vera
Sep 8, 2017

The storm Irma is keeping everyone busy, even the spiritual world. And exactly that is what gives it its power.

“Everyone, keep focusing on dismantling Irma”, “Keep sending love and light into the storm”, “this is a man-manufactured storm”. These are examples of what we read these days on many platforms in the spiritual community. While this is, from a human perspective, of course a well-meant approach to keep the storm from happening, it actually provides energy to it. Why? Because that is how energy works.

The Law of Attention

What we focus on gets our energy and will grow in our experience. That is the universal law of attention. What we focus on, will become a bigger part of our reality, because energetically we are asking for it and are creating it. That is how things manifest. In the case of Irma, we are still fighting against something out of fear it could do us harm. Out of mistrusting the system. We are feeding fear without realizing it, thinking we are doing something good and are acting from a place of love.

It really does not matter whether the storm was man-made or is a natural storm, whether the earth is flat or round, whether the moon is real or a space station. All these discussions and theories are part of the fourth dimensional realm of duality, where we still believe in right or wrong. Where we still put labels on things and identify with them. We are still trying to change things instead of allowing them in the moment to be there. Without realizing it, we are making ourselves part of just another outside illusion, and have let our mind take over again to be guided away from the place where we are already whole: From our heart. Where we ARE love.

Big Difference: Sending Love or being Love

There is a big difference between sending love and being love. When we SEND love, we still feel we need to change the outside world. We still feel we need to fix or heal something or someone outside of us. We are still afraid of things that manifest in our outside reality. We give our energy away, still out of fear. And often – We take away someone else’s power by trying to fix or change something or someone outside of us instead of focusing on our own stuff. We forget once more, that the only thing we can change is ourselves through changing our perspective and way of dealing with a situation or person. When we SEND love, we mistrust ourselves and our own creation. That way, we feed energy into something or someone, with the result that our fear-based experience related to it will grow. That is the Law of Attraction playing out for us. We are reacting to fear with fear, disguised as (conditional) love. Because we set the condition: “IF we send enough love and light, the situation will change.” We expect something to change by sending love to something outside of us.

“When we SEND love, we mistrust ourselves and our own creation. We are reacting to fear with fear, disguised as (conditional) love.”

When we ARE love, we accept all that is as part of our experience and own (co-) creation. We stay within and feel what a situation or person is causing within us and what feelings come to surface. We stay centered and focus only on what is reflected back to us through the situation. That way, we embrace what this situation has to offer for us to transform energy through feeling what comes with it. By going within, we accept what IS and see the perfection in it, and how it helps us individually and as a collective to move forward. We do not interpret or label anything as good or bad. We know that what manifests in our outside reality is a reflection of our (collective’s) inner world. In that moment, we are unconditional love. We have no expectations. We own our experience as our creation and know how to change it: WITHIN, focusing on what we want to feel, not on what we don’t want to feel.

“When we ARE love, we accept all that is as part of our experience and own (co-) creation. We stay centered and go within, focusing on what we want to feel, not what we don’t want to feel.”

A nice movie scene to watch again is the storm at the end of the Truman Show. In that moment, Truman does not care about whether this storm is real or not. It feels very real to him, he is in that situation and yet all he does is focusing on himself. On reaching his freedom. He does not care about what was done to him in the past and by whom. He has found his truth and power and follows his intuition to create a new reality for him, outside of the illusions he had lived in and had accepted as his reality despite the director trying to tell him that he is afraid, and that is why he cannot leave. He simply takes a bow as a sign of gratitude and leaves the old reality behind.

So actually: It is very simple. Everything that guides us away from our inner world, our intuition and our heart, everything that keeps us busy in our outside reality is helping us to shift and transmute something that is causing a misbalance within us. Something that is keeping us from experiencing a new reality of our own creation. And the current geo-storms assist us in releasing and transmuting even faster! So go within, move into the eye of your own storm, be love, feel the emotions that come up, and shift it!


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3 thoughts on “Distracted again!

  1. This is great.
    Why are people unable to go “in” to discover the treasure therein? What is preventing them from “being love”?

    With all the science, why is mankind unable to prevent such calamities?

    Is there something that mankind is oblivious of and yet thinks he has conquered the world?

    1. You are right! People are more focused outside, on the needs and comparison with others for it is what we are educated to do. When starting to look within us we can change ourselves and our world. Thank you for reading and commenting!

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