Being Yourself

Being Yourself: The Highest Service

Raphael Awen
7 Septembrie 2017

There is no greater service you could offer to the world than the service of profoundly being yourself.

There is no greater heroics, no epic call to achieve greatness that outshines the call to truly be yourself.

Greatness is already in you, but for parts of you, this may be the farthest from their current felt reality.

Part of you may feel insignificant. Part of you may feel like the opposite of any kind of greatness. If that’s true, then truly being yourself would require starting there wouldn’t it? It did for me. I found a way, along with the courage to no longer deny the parts of me who felt not only like the opposite to any positive thinking pep talk, but also who felt stuck in deep wells of unworthiness.

These parts of us, whom I believe we all have, are not the limitation on us from achieving greatness, but rather the doorway into our true greatness. As we feel and heal the first domains of our sovereignty, our own insides, we just become more and more life; alive energy that is our deepest service to the world.

Ignoring this reality and then burdening ourselves with choosing a career, or looking for a way to ‘earn a living,’ or living by a ‘get ahead’ mantra is a sure way to keep this 3D suffering intact. You ARE a powerful calling waiting upon your choice in order to ‘happen’.

If life is anything, it is choice; so much so, that even indecision is a powerful choice. The choice before us is to enter the 4D of our own pain, our own transmutation.

Choosing to feel and heal ALL there is to feel and heal is where the true greatness that already resides in every single one of us (bar none) IS the portal, or choice point to enter our greatness.

So you can either pretend that you long for greatness, while you actually refuse the doorway to the greatness you are, or you can choose to acknowledge and own the greatness already residing spring loaded inside of you, underneath some carefully hidden stuff.

This stuff then between the gold you are (5D) and how parts of you actually feel (3D) is thee stuff of the real transmutation (4D). Until you get intimate with what parts of you actually feel, underneath the parts of you so bent on not feeling, there simply isn’t much greatness to be had, other than the kinds that can maybe be pumped up at a ra-ra rally.

I want more than the real thing. I find the ‘large group awareness training’ rally stuff to be true 3D bullshit created as a work around for those suffering outside of having actual access to their true greatness. Toss in all the multi-level marketing plans along with that. It’s classic 3D. It made sense while it did. We needed it to take us somewhere. It no longer holds any resonance for many of us. We are meant for super abundance, we just are not meant to manipulate ourselves and others to ‘achieve’ it. How about ‘being’ it instead, and letting it manifest more and more and more? I like that plan a whole lot better! It’s 5D and we can smell it on the horizon.

If you are seeking a small and doable choice point, yet of potential epic proportions into your own greatness, I invite you to consider the SoulFullHeart process. It is a doorway in. I am one of the people who serve it as my great service, and am so grateful to be creating and recreating a way that works for those for whom it is meant to.

Raphael Awen

And we have a group call coming up this weekend for you to join in with as a way to verify if we might be your going on point. Here’s the details. The subject is ‘Seeing, Feeling and Healing The 3D Self’

I would love to have your interest and inquiry!

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