Patiently Loving

Patiently Loving Your Deepest Densities Through The Push And Pulls

By Jelelle Awen
September 16, 2017

Push and pull….wanting to love and then resisting love. Wanting to change and then resisting change. Opening UP WIDE and then closing in again. These bliss moments are of heart doors swinging open and your heart pouring out to touch ALL of life. These mess moments are the heart doors shutting and your heart retracting again in pain.

These bliss mess moments of push and pull ARE your awakening process of heart and soul. Why would it be JUST bliss when this is not what you have known here in 3D living? Why would it be JUST about the highs when this has not been the reality you’ve experienced here? And, what is really learned from only UPs with no downs?

It is during the climbs and the crawls for which you learn the most about the substance for which you are made….in contrast to that which you are NOT. 3D reality doesn’t honor the climb, the process, the journey….yet wants the results and the gifts immediately. It wants the quick fixes rather than the long term gains.

A patience for the process allows that with UPs there will come downs too and wants BOTH. Your soul can hold space for the part of you formed in 3D life to learn, to sort it out, to open up and then close down. Your soul has access to Infinite Patience in this process and understands that it ‘takes the time that it takes’ to heal and clear the ground of your deepest densities.

These deepest densities are valued by your soul, not seen as ‘lesser’ at all, but rather a precious aspect of your journey here with Gaia. Not judged by the soul, yet rather held with curiousity and much love so that the required densities and toxicities needed to fit into a dualistic 3D world can be let go. The soul helps your 3D self unanchor from what it has needed to become attached to. Your higher heart allows this process to be held with MUCH love rather than inner battle and resistance loops that lead to suffering.

With a consistent heart and soul response from you to the deepest densities of your 3D self, it can let go of the push-pull it has known so often in your life and begin to let in LOVE more and more with less and less contraction away.

Jelelle Awen

We offer in SoulFullHeart a process through weekly sessions with SFH facilitators for navigating this feeling, differentiating and loving of your 3D self while healing/growing your 4D transition self and embodying more and more your 5D (higher self coming into the body) self. We offer a free intro session for you to connect what you’ve been experiencing of awakening with how the process might serve you:

During a livestream tomorrow, Sunday, at 11:11am CST, Raphael Awen and I will be offering an introduction to our process, the 3D self, how current cosmic energies are impacting this process and answering any questions you would like to ask us about this…I’ll be streaming it here on my feed and also on our SoulFullHeart Way Of Life feed….more info here:

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