Going Within The Heart

Uniting Heaven & Earth ~ Going Within The Heart

By Caroline Yazi
September 17, 2017

You don’t wake up spiritually to transcend this plane of existence. You awaken to embody your spirit. You ascend to descend; you unite Heaven and Earth in your heart space and radiate your true essence out into the world.

If you don’t ground the cosmic energies that come through you they will cause all kinds of strange and painful physical, emotional and mental symptoms. Allow for them to integrate with the core of your being and observe what happens.

Cosmic energies may feel very blissful and ecstatic, but this feeling is nothing compared to the feeling of being totally centered inside the heart. Once you center inside your heart, you will never want to be anywhere else.

Allow darkness to surface.

Darkness may need to be pushed out to leave room for more of your light, so don’t fear your darkness as it surfaces. You may feel it on a physical, mental, emotional or spiritual level. Your light needs to grow steady and strong. Allowance and trust are keys to this transformation. All is well and perfectly orchestrated by no other than you in another plane of existence. You can never go wrong.

The less darkness you hold within, the easier it gets. I used to be heavily affected by the energetic upgrades but I have learned that the more I listen to my body and trust in the process, the easier it gets. What used to take days could now take minutes or hours. I prefer sleeping or breathing though these transformations.

Balance is key

If you are very open to cosmic energy and information, it is good for you to surround yourself with grounded and down-to-earth people and connect to nature, children and animals. In the same way, if you are very grounded, go meditate, eat living foods and focus inward. Balance is always the key, because where cosmic and earthly energy meet, you will find your balance.
We all balance one another. Those who know what is going on in the other realms can help those who aren’t that informed, while the ability to ground energy and stay in the physical body will help those who live too much outside it. Eventually, we will all find some kind of mid-point.

Transcend your mind constructs, not your body. You came to embody your divinity.


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