The Way of I and Thou

Sun Enters Libra – The Equinox – (September 22, 2017)

Bill Attride
September 22, 2017

The Gift of Companionship, The Way of I and Thou

Life is Spirit; Spirit is Life.

At the core of any particle of Creation, there abides Light and Love, there at the center of everything and everyone there is the Spark of the Divine.

This dewdrop of divinity is Pure Consciousness; it is a Diamond Body of True Love.

Each Monad of the Divine exists in its own Sacred Space, which over time is formed more perfectly into the living abode of a Self-Aware Cosmic Consciousness, which is guided and informed by Unconditional Love and held in its Sacred Space as a unique “one of the One” by its Spiritually Centered Will.

This is what forms the entirety of Creation, ranging from the infinitesimals of inner space on up to the Galactic Consciousnesses that encompass a celestial host of Stars, Planets and Life-Forms.

And This is what you are too, a precious dew-drop of Spirit who is slowly but surely becoming self-aware, drawing closer and closer to your own true nature: that you are a Divinity that is learning to be a Conscious Co-Creator of this Universe; to be a Loving Creator who is Wise and Humble too.

This Journey of Spirit, this Pathway of Light and Love, is the Journey of Awakening that is forged and made by you and by your companions too. You could never be what you are, “a self-becoming human”, without one another. A singular, unconnected, unrelated human is just not even possible, it would quite simply not be “human” at all.

For you are truly made of and by one another. In world after world, in life after life, you are formed by all with whom you have direct and indirect interrelationships. You are formed by your parents, by your siblings and friends, classmates and colleagues, by your loves of former lives and in the eternal now too, so that all your brothers and sisters in Spirit are there with you, and you in them too. Your Thoughts-Values-Morals, and the Love that holds them all, the essential elements of you, are all shaped by the countless encounters you have with one another. You are your relations; you are an “I” and a “host of we”; and it is out of these many that you become the one that is you.

We are all “Mixed-up”; each of you is in so many others, and so many, many others are what makes you what you are too. That is why this next experience in the Circle of the Living Ones, the Twelve-Fold energy forms that hold this Universe together, is so important for you to understand and master. For in truth, you are made of all Twelve Signs, just in differing proportions and combinations. If you are to know yourself and become what you truly are meant to be, then you must embrace some part of each sign as an essential part of you.

Today you move into the realm of Libra; Today you meet with one another in that most Sacred Space of I and Thou; Today you enter the Mystery, where you will meet and make yourself through one another in the “third space” that is Relationship.

After the attunements, alignments, adjustments and healing of Virgo, you are ready for this. You have done your homework, you have won greater self-mastery through critical self-examination, and you are now more truly you, and you are more at peace.

Now you see before you the Truth of Spirit; that you can only become who you really are when you are with one another. You gaze into the eyes of the one before you, and what is shining back from those windows of the soul is so familiar. It is the same or essential “awareness or presence” that is there within you too. It is the One, it is the Love of the One for all the ones that comes shining through each of you.

In any relationship, there are three “spaces”. You exist in your own sacred space; and the other before you, they are in their own sacred space too. Neither of you may or should trespass upon the other, neither of you should lose yourself in the other. But together you can build this “Third Space” of We, the space you make together. This is the playground of your “self that is becoming”; this is your space of self-transformation and self-fulfillment by and through one another.

It is here that you learn, work and play; here is where each of you become as you live for yourself and for one another too. By moving into relationship, you move into greater self-awareness through your dance of spirit with one another. You cannot merely do what you want without careful consideration for them too. You form a space of mutual benefit by at first unconsciously, and then ever more consciously, creating a framework to guide, support and protect your interactions with one another. Each of your own individual self-fulfillments depends upon the fulfillment of the other. You experience the living reality that their dreams coming true are the very substance of your dreams made real too.

Yes, it is here in Libra that you experience the Quickening of your Spirit; it is here that you lift one another up into the Greater Awareness that is forged and founded by being part of one another, creating one another by Love.

You need one another to be yourself.

You look back to your ancestors, and understand how much you owe to those who came before.

And, you look around yourself and realize how much you need those with whom you journey now.

You are one, and you are many.

Bow your head; Open your heart.

Smile at the one who is before you.

Know that you are one and the same,


∞ ∞ ∞ ∞ ∞ ∞ ∞ ∞ ∞