The Magical Current Expression of You

The Magical Current Expression of You

By Raphael Awen
October 5, 2017

Whatever it looks like and feels like and is like to be doing life as you, IS you, in your current expression of being.

While there is and always will be much more in terms of potential and possibilities for your being to express, you are in this moment limited to your current expression.

The gift of time (even the illusion of time) affords you the opportunity to draw upon the current of your soul to heal wounds that make up the make up of your current expression.

Your ‘current’ expression is just that, an expression of the flow of energy your heart and soul is producing that wants your attention to feel and process what there is to feel and process.

Now, as you feel and heal, your ‘current’ expression has changed and you are both limited and unlimited by this new expression…enjoy the paradox of your magical being, ever learning, ever loving, ever living.

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