The Way of Truth

Jupiter Enters Scorpio – The Way of Truth (October 10th, 2017 – November 8th, 2018)

Bill Attride
October 10, 2017

Jupiter is the Avatar of your Truth. In your birth chart, it provides an indicator as to the way in which you will work towards what is known as the “greater understanding”; it illuminates the path of Truth you are to follow in any life.

By ruling what is true for you, what gives meaning and meaningfulness to your life, Jupiter also indicates how you will relate to the larger world around you. By holding and shaping your motivations or your intentional nature, Jupiter helps you to find and follow your path of Self-Fulfillment.

Jupiter will move through the 12 signs of the Zodiac in roughly 12 years. Though your own placement of Jupiter in a sign indicates how your will find your way in general, it is also true that you need to integrate your own way of truth and being with the other 11 ways too. You are here to learn to master all these energies so that you may become fully human.

Every year, if you open your understanding to a more comprehensive and inclusive approach, you can develop a more integral, nuanced and spiritually purposeful way of being. By modulating your own way with that of the current placement of Jupiter, you lift your own understanding into the Greater Understanding that is your destiny.

But there is perhaps no greater lesson or gift than the passage of Jupiter, (or any planetary body), through the sign of Scorpio. Because of all the mysteries and truths you will encounter in this life, or in any life, it is this one that stands at the center of them all.

It is here that you meet “The Great Illusion” that is formed by you being an “I”, a separate self-consciousness of being, so that your very nature clearly seems to create an unbridgeable divide between you and every other being.

For you have forgotten your truth: Long, long ago, you left from the One Spirit as a monad of consciousness, to become another sparkling dewdrop among countless others who in their peregrinations through Space-Time form the Body of the One. Yet this seeming severance or separation from the One brings about never-ending pain and confusion, and it forms the soulful aching, the eternal longing for your return to the enveloping Peace and Love that is the One.

You seek to become united again and so become whole once more. You seek to shatter your aloneness, and by reaching out to your fellow sparks of the Divine you hope to feel this joy again, to be brought into the grace of peace, love and understanding that is of the One.

But what you will find, in life after life, is that this experience of reaching out to one another, of forming Unions of Sacred Space you share with one another, and of necessity making sacrifices for and to one another, that it is precisely here where you learn that by this giving up the lesser in yourself you discover the greatness that is always and forever in them and in you too.

The mystery that is Union, the sublime mystery and gift of Scorpio, reveals this Kernel of Ancient Wisdom and Truth to you: That as you surrender the lesser parts of you to one another, as you draw closer to them and them to you, you are brought into the presence of your own truer Self. You reach beyond your mortal frame and touch the Divine within and around you.

You come closer to the essence of you as you feel your way to the understanding that the One that you forever seek was (and will always be) there, right there as the very center of you…and of everyone else too. The Great Illusion is your feeling of separation; The Great Truth is that you are never alone, you are not and cannot be separated from the One or from one another, for what you are and what sustains you through world after world, and in life after life, is the Love of the One that is you, and this equally forms the Ocean of Creation in which you and all the sparks of the Divine abide.

As much as Jupiter in Libra brought you into the Space of the Encounter with one another, and that Truth informed the Third Space that is Relationship, it is here in Scorpio that you lift the Veil of Isis and you must bow your head to the Gift of the Spirit.

You do this for one another as you join in communion with each other, for you have broken the bonds of the greatest illusion; now you know, now you feel the truth that you are That. You know you are here in this mortal shell that brings you from such awful pain into the most unimaginable joy; you know that you are an Immortal dancing through worlds and lives as you draw ever closer to the one before you, and the one within you and to the One that is All.

You say the words to yourself:

I am That, I am.

You look upon one another and say:


You are one with one another, and with the One.

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