by Natalie Jane
June 10, 2017

You are so loved in all your beauty, kindness, generosity and positivity.

You are so loved in all your messiness, anger, meanness and perceived ugliness.

Do you feel this Truth?

This Universe, this reality we live in loves you so much and wants nothing more than for you to be happy. You are part of it, it is you, and it loves itself in everything it does.

We came here to experience life and life is so many things and every one of them, all experiences and emotions are here for us to learn and grow from.

Why do we cut ourselves off from the truth of being loved? We search the world looking for our ‘soul mate’ the person who will love us no matter what, when we already have it. It is with us whether we recognise it or not. It doesn’t leave us because we shouted at our kids today, or we cut someone up in traffic. It is us. It is inside us, all around us. We are constantly held and cocooned in love.

Let yourself feel the love, let yourself relax into the deliciousness of this love. Know with all your heart that this Universe wants you to have the life you’re wishing for. It doesn’t want you to fight and struggle for it, it wants to bring it to you peacefully, put a smile on your face and fill up your heart because it loves you. It wants you to take this love and spread it around freely, there is so much of it, it is infinite. It wants you to pass it on to everyone you meet. Show them they are loved, tell them they are loved, not just by you but by things unseen, things that can only be felt.

We are here to experience love, it is what we are.

Open up to the Universes love, try to look at yourself as it sees you. When the Universe looks at you it sees a magnificent amazing human who has the capacity to heal, to comfort, to spread stardust all around.

Remember to feel this love. Feel it in your stillness, feel it in your busyness, it never leaves, it is the one constant in this life.

When we are feeling unloved our thoughts will follow a path that tells us we are undeserving, we aren’t good enough, and so, by The Law of Attraction that is what our reality starts to look like. We look around us and all we see is lack and fear. We become scared of the future, worried that we should be somewhere else, doing something different, that somewhere there is another, better life that we should be living if only we were deserving of it.

We can’t see that we are never in the wrong place. Wherever we are is where we are meant to be, and it is a place filled with love for us.

If you are in dark place look for the light, tell yourself ‘There is love here”.

We are on constant journey, we are always moving forward, becoming more.

When we open ourselves up to the Universal love it helps us to notice the sunshine peeking through the clouds, helps us to see that to be balanced we need darkness as well as the light. It shows us that everything is always ok as long as we are feeling and being love.

It wants to change your life in beautiful ways, ways unimagined by our human brains.

It is our world best kept secret. But now you know.

Let it in, let your whole being be filled up with the love that is yours. Let it bring you all that you desire, all you deserve. Let yourself give it to others, send out love to the people you know, people you don’t, and send it back out to the Universe in mutual appreciation. It will never run out, you are never not tuned into the source and it is never not tuned into you.

You, my darling, are loved in more ways than you can ever imagine.


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Manuela@inaloveworld ❤

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