What you Have, Cannot be Lost

What you have cannot be lost

all you have.pngby Manuela

To lose … It makes me think of something that goes away, disappears from our lives, without returning and because of our fear of not having it, we would give one’s eye teeth to have that thing or that person. And we do not like to lose because what we know is that when losing something it happens for we are too weak, too small, and somebody else is going to laugh at us. Part of our ego suffers and we feel sorrow, and we want to avoid that pain.

When we talk about loss, we think of objects for which we have worked for years, a lifetime or have won them, or we think of our beloved with whom we have shared our lives, our things, or other beings. The greatest loss is to lose ourselves and usually we do not think how much we’ve lost ourselves over time.

“It is one thing to lose people you love. It is another to lose yourself. That is a greater loss.” –  Donna Goddard

Why have we lost ourselves?

Because we accepted what others have taught us just as they did, and because we had to listen to them otherwise we were suffering all sorts of consequences that we may have gotten used to – small marks at school, criticism, irony, cut or unpaid wages at work, beatings or other punishment at home …  All contributed to our loss, and when we want to find ourselves, fear fades and starts threatening us with what we have lived through our lives.

Because we have not been educated to know that fear is just an illusion created by our minds. We have not been taught that fear does not exist. We have been taught to filter everything through our mind and laugh at those who believe and follow their intuition and do what they feel. We have not been taught that the most important thing is to listen to our soul, because then you are really fullfiled and happy.

How do we find ourselves?

Ask questions beyond what you knew and know as you have been taught. When you ask questions you see and feel different. The more questions you ask, the less you realize how little you know about yourself and your life. You understand that you are not just a puppet who is born, grows up, has a job, a house, retires, and awaits death. You begin to understand that you are far more than a body to be cared for because it dies. You understand that life is much more than just doing a job for somebody else, when you can do something you wanted, you’ve longed for a lifetime, but you were and still are afraid of those around you, known and unknown beings because they blame you, they will judge you. You are afraid that you will feel small and humiliated. In time you will understand that all these things come from within you because when you were a little child you were not allowed to ask questions or did not receive answers for various reasons or you were punished because you were ”talking too much”.

Start searching for answers in several directions, not just accepting what’s on the tray. Look for wherever you feel without fear of being blamed. Those who blame you are more afraid than you do, and they prefer to laugh at you and others because this satisfies their ego. They will seek to make you to give up what you are looking for because it is more comfortable to sit on the edge of the fence to look at others and laugh at them than to do something for yourself.

Socrates: ”Everyone wants to tell you what to do and what’s good for you. They don’t want you to find your own answers, they want you to believe theirs”.

Do not forget! Asking questions and looking for answers is not wrong, but you have not been taught to do it. You were told that if you ask too much, you’re a fool, people laugh at you. When you ask questions you learn to know yourself step by step because each answer leads you to the discovery of things that help you to know yourself, to know your desires, to know what you like and what you do not, and especially it teaches you to trust yourself.

Read books that others recommend you. You will see if those books resonate with what you want or you will find books that will open your way to what you want. What you are offered, as a rule, has a reason for reaching you because nothing is accidental. Everything happens with a reason, everything happens to take you a step closer to what you want.

Use the internet for answers to what you want and you will see that there is information that resonates with you and information you feel you do not need it. You find videos, movies, and even materials written by succesfull people who have gone through the stages you’re going through. In the end, and after all, we all come to earth to evolve but each of us has his own way and his own way of doing it. Do not waste your time with what you do not need because you will find that one day has passed and you have not done anything in the direction that you want and you start feeling stupid and blaming yourself.

Look for guidance to people you know you can trust without hurrying out of your way without demoralizing and here I can say do not be afraid if the closest people are the ones who will try to stop you in what you want to do.

Do not take literally what everybody says because no one is YOU and you are not anybody. Take from everybody what resonates with you, what you feel is helping you and start building your own path. Even if no one else has done what you want to do, do not be afraid. Every person is unique and has her own perception. Nobody knows the truth of anyone, everyone has his own truth. What is good for you may not be good for another being. You are the only person who can live your life the way you want it. Nobody can live YOUR life.

You and I and each of us are beings with unknown capacities by most of us, because we did not know them, for we did not have to know them because knowledge is power, and when you do not know you are manipulated much easier by fear.     

Our true world starts there within us of what we call passion, from little things made with pleasure. Therefore, when we start to do it, when we begin to seek and find ourselves, we really understand that whatever value we giving them, things are worthless if you have not found yourself. When we begin to find ourselves, we accept, understand that we have never lost anything, everything turns to bring us exactly where we are at this time, only we did not know where to look, that is within us.

First of all, find yourself. Only then will you feel that you are fulfilled, that you are happy. Therefore, you can not lose what you have because things and people in your life are not what you have the most valuable. YOU are!

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Thank you for reading,
Manuela@inaloveworld ❤
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