All Reality Is Made Up

All Reality Is Made Up

By Raphael Awen
October 21, 2017

‘You can make anything out of anything.’

These words come to me this morning and my curiosity asks for more as I feel a download from my higher self wanting to come through:

‘Any created thing created in any dimension contains within it an energetic blueprint of the source materials and technology used to create the thing. It can be back engineered as you say. However, you don’t need to create the thing in the dimension it was created inside of. By that I mean, you can create it from a higher level of consciousness without going through 3D creation processes that you are more familiar with.’

I listen in with a deepening sense of curiosity along with an ache to experience what I’m being given.

‘A woodworker sees something made out of wood that he has never seen before and given his understanding of working wood, he is able to recreate the thing from his place of familiarity. From a higher dimensional place however, everything is made of energy, and everything IS energy, including energy itself.

‘As you become more and more familiar with energy, you can utilize higher dimensional awareness of being as an energy worker to create and fashion with energy, be it the energy of a simple wooden spoon, to something more complex as a computer, to things beyond not yet known in common collective consciousness.’

I’m reminded yesterday as I needed some longer screws to put up some shelves, how cool it would have been to have ‘energy worked’ them into being rather than the more familiar trip to the hardware store to purchase the ones created and made through 3D channels. My guidance continues:

‘The reverence you have for 3D means and methods is what makes them feel real to you and this is how you have gone on to assimilate them into an unquestioned view of reality. But this ‘is what it is’ is what it is because it was caused into being in a stunning movement of energy creation, albeit one that has been normalized into normal waking consciousness, which surprisingly puts people to sleep to the underlying energetic and creative nature of reality.

‘Reality as you know it is always made up. You have been conditioned to see reality as something outside of it having been made up, as something outside of creation itself, however everything in every dimension is created and is constantly being re-created.

You have an emotional reluctance however to see and feel this as it feels insecure to feel how fleeting life feels as you are this fleeting and changing life energy. This reluctance energizes a resistance for you of seeing, feeling and participating more consciously in this higher dimensional ability to create and recreate.

‘Now, I will ask you to open your mind a bit more and feel how a woodworker, has many tools and methods for working wood, so an energy worker has many means and methods for working energy. The woodworker intuitively knows grain, pressure, species, soundness, hardness, softness, how the wood responds, how it can and cannot be tooled successfully for the desired purpose, and with what tools. In short, he or she learns the will of the wood, and feels what it is wanting to become. It can be reverently done as a one of a kind piece created by a master and it can be irreverently mass produced and monetized in a factory, (but at a significant loss of quality and corresponding imputed value).

‘So it is with an energy worker. He or she is introduced to the world of energy and begins to gain some of his or her very first and initial insights into energy the same way a baby picks up and waves a stick, not yet knowing anything by name, but only by its energy. From there, new insights and familiarities are then also normalized into ‘reality’ that wasn’t there before. The stick hurts when used to hit or poke…ouch, noted. That can be a helpful thing or not so helpful…noted.

Energy is the upstream nature of all reality. And love is the upstream nature of all energy. Both love and energy are responsive to love and energy and in this way can be worked, but only when it is seen, noted and revered for what it is, to know and feel it’s deeper why and will.

‘You are nearing a time when great advancements that have been held back from collective consciousness will be revealed. Understanding and feeling what I shared with you above will greatly aid you and others to assimilate your own adaptation and participation into this new and infinite dimension of creation.

‘Love itself wants to take you on a grand tour of stunning discovery and almost more excitement that you can bear, but only if it’s not an imposition on your creative will. Your choice and curiosity are the energy that enrolls you into this university’s kindergarten of never ending discovery.’

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