Let Go and Open Your Life to Healing


Natalie Donohoe
August 14, 2017    

I have come to find out that you have to lose part of yourself before you can find happiness.

You have to be willing to let go of hurt.

We hold on to our hurt because no matter the pain that it causes us, sometimes it is all that we have left of someone. A small painful piece keeping us connected to them.

But that’s not how they should be kept alive in our hearts. We need to let go of this pain so that one day we may let the memories of happier times back into our hearts. It can be a long time before we find we can think of the person who hurt us without that big black hole of despair threatening to engulf us, but it will come.

Like a beautiful cool breeze on a hot day, one day our memories will soothe us, they will become our friend.

But, before this can happen, we have to decide that we are going to be happy again. We have to choose happiness.

How do we do that when our heart feels shattered into pieces?

We have to start to look for it in the smallest things, in the everyday. When we make the choice to be happy, and actively seek it out, then more things to fill us with joy will magically appear. It’s as if life rewards us for being strong, for being determined, for letting go.

When we let go of what caused our sorrow, we are opening our cracked and bruised heart up to the light, we are telling the Universe we are ready to be healed knowing that the Universe is always responding to our wishes. When we make the conscious decision to move forward, looking for happiness, we are opening our life up, we are saying, “I’m here, I’m ready for new experiences.”

We are opening our hearts to new things that will expand our capacity to love.

When we let go and release the sadness we carry, we are left with space inside ourselves, and that space must be filled. The law of the Universe shows that there is no empty space. As soon as energy moves, something else will take its place. So by letting go of what we no longer want to carry and putting out the intention of wanting only good to enter our lives, that is what will come to fill the space.

We are giving ourselves our own power back, we will heal and repair, and all the cracks inside of us will become love-filled fissures that, although still tender at times, are able to make us smile. We will see that we were never broken, we were always whole, we were just holding on to something razor-sharp with our bare hands.

There is no need to fear letting go, of losing the wounded part of ourselves, because as it heals, the love and light that will enter to fill the void will sustain us, build us up again. It will bring us to a more beautiful place, a place where we no longer need the pain to keep the pieces of our hearts together.


Natalie Donohoe


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