The Gift of Humility, The Way of Wisdom

The Gift of Humility, The Way of Wisdom

Sagittarius2017.jpgBill Attride

You have felt your way for 30 days…

There were no words, no touchstones or anchors that could bridge your understanding; there was no adequate chalice to hold your experience of the “ecstasy and agony” that is Scorpio.

Because it is in that realm of Spiritual Alchemy, it is there you meet in the unimaginable joy of union, and you endure the unbearable pain of separation and loss too…and all your words will fail you.

Yes, there is no way, in that space between worlds, between here and there, between your mortality and your Immortality, there is only everything and nothing all mixed up together. All you can do is feel, to experience an intuitional knowing as you draw one step closer to the Truth of your radiant nature. Scorpio literally takes your breath away, as you catch a glimpse of the undying “light that is the universe”. You have felt the Truth, and you are in awe, and you have been shattered, and you have been humbled too.

It was here that you were made aware of the divine in yourself, and in one another, and that thrills through as the shimmering light of everything and everyone. It was here that you felt the Truth; that Life-Spirit is the very essence of you and every world and star and the whole of Creation too.

But now it is time to turn…

You need to find your words, to share what you have learned, to extend your individual experience and fold it into a larger context of meaningfulness. Here in Sagittarius you reach beyond yourself to become a storyteller, as all humans have done since the beginning of time. Here in the Circle of the Lonely Ones, it is here that you share with one another your stories, so that you can heal and grow into the Greater Understanding.

The Way of Scorpio yields the stage to the realm that is Sagittarius, where you will find the Ever-Renewing Fountain Source of Truth. Here is found the Ancient Wisdom and those Seers, past and present, who preserve the treasure of Human experience in Science, Philosophy, Religion, Art and Truth. It is here that you find the path; “The Way” home beckons to you once again.

But you must remember this, what they discovered and inscribed on papyrus, tablet and tome, all these truths and more are equally found in the stars above, and in your own true heart too. “For as above, so below”, and in the heart of all creation there shines the undying Light of the One. For Spirit is Life; Life is Spirit. And so, it is known in all the Perennial Teachings that there is but one Spirit, and there is but one Life. The Truth is there for all to see; you need only to weave together your heart and your mind. And you will smile, and your heart will be at peace. As the great Seer William Blake so beautifully wrote:

To see a World in a Grain of Sand

And a Heaven in a Wild Flower

Hold Infinity in the palm of your hand

And Eternity in an hour…

God Appears & God is Light

To those poor Souls who dwell in Night

But does a Human Form Display

To those who Dwell in Realms of day.

                                          “Auguries of Innocence”

Light begets Light, and within you resides a greater consciousness, your Higher Self, who constantly encourages you to align what is your uppermost spiritual and moral compass with what you encounter “out there” in the hierarchies of Spirit-Matter. But this Intuitive Wisdom is modulated through your intermediary bodies which have not yet fully awakened. And so, you will continually struggle until your final awakening. The fear will fight to hold you, but the Light of Love will lead you onward…

Your Journey is your Awakening; and you are quite simply here to lift yourself into the Greater Light that is your true nature. You will hold through Faith and you will find by Reason, as you weave together your experiences of feeling-thought into the “Wisdom Way”, where everything is connected, both within and without. You learn to turn away from separation and affirm the inseparable Truth: “That Life is Spirit, Spirit is Life”. One shining day you will achieve your apotheosis, and you will truly understand how Loving and Beautiful you are, and equally understand that this Love and Beauty is what surrounds you too. Each is part of the other; there is but One Spirit, and we are the many ones of the One.

To bring you closer to this crossing point of Light and Love, innumerable encounters just like those you met in Scorpio, of unions and separations, encourage you to reach beyond yourself, and connect with your true nature by communion, by companionship and through love. It is by this that you serve as both mirror and light for one another. You see what holds you as one with one another, while equally honoring and celebrating your differences too.

Yes, it was by Scorpio that you felt the Truth; you sacrificed the lesser in yourself to join with one another. You came closer to your own true self by reaching beyond yourself and experiencing your shared space of feelings for one another.

In Sagittarius you will understand and seek to share this Wisdom and Love. You have your story; and they have their story. Together, you will share your stories with one another, and you will refine your lesser truths into a more encompassing Truth for one another. You will dip your cup into the Well of Wisdom, and find peace of mind in the Perennial Truths. And you will add your special stories to this Story of Spirit too. It has always been so…

You will see that the authenticity of your own true Feeling-Knowing depends upon one another, as your sharing of feelings and thoughts removes your prior misunderstandings and half-truths. You will equally rely upon the inspiration and guidance from the Wisdom of those Ancient Ones, who came this way long before you. For this is a well-worn road of awakening, and there are many, both past and present, who will help you along the path.

Behind all the noise and confusion that swirls around you now, beyond all the lies and half-truths…there is Truth.

You Felt it; now you Know it too.

Gather together, give thanks to those who came before you.

They forged the Royal Road of Truth.

And give thanks to all who travel with you now.

Together you keep one another on the path of Light.

Tell your stories, sing your songs.

Laugh; Cry; Laugh.

Dispel fear, by kindly sharing your understanding with one another.

And above all, remember there is one Truth upon which all others rest…

Love One Another.

This present darkness will fade; your words and deeds will remove it.

Your Light is shining in a greater Wisdom, which grows in step with your deepening Humility.

Be not afraid; speak Truth to Power,

Guided by Love.

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