Love The Gap

Love The Gap

ra 25 noiBy Raphael Awen
November 25, 2017

The gap between where you are and where you desire to be is only something that you can really experience here in the 3rd dimension.

This gap is where you find your propulsion system to take you to the more you came here to discover. Activating this propulsion system is about being willing to feel what up till now, you have been disinclined to feel. The so called ‘negative emotions’ like anxiety and depression are the lids on the jars that contain the feelings of deeper traumas, that a part of you canned and preserved away for a time like this when a new you could show up that was both willing and able to feel.

The desires you feel for other and better circumstances and relationships to be in your life are very connected to these traumas as well as to your essence. Feeling them all, with the very real parts of you who hold these feelings, will sort them out and lead you where they were meant to even if your linear mind can’t always track completely what is going on.

Of course you have these backed up feelings, held by parts of you, that are now calling for your love and attention. How could you not given the density of this dimension and the culture of suppressed feeling that you came into as a total feeling being?

Your emotional body and all that it contains is your path into this gap, this gap that contains all your personal meaning, this gap between where you feel yourself to be right now and where you long to be…

Love this gap, because it’s the gap you chose; the gap you as a soul created; and it’s this gap that is your map to finding your way home to yourself.

There’s no gift more powerful than this gift you give to yourself.

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