What it Means to Love a Soul Rebel

What it Means to Love a Soul Rebel 

Melissa Codispoti 
November 30, 2017 

She wants you to know her and love her, not in spite of who she is but because of who she is.

She is bathed in mysticism, and needs no leader. She is connected to the phoenix, burning for the sole purpose of transformation. She can’t be contained in your beautiful mansion, and she can’t be bought with expensive trinkets.

Her freedom is the breath that blows life into her. She will never be a version of anyone else. She is content being who the universe created her to be and become.

You can’t hold her if she wants to go. The winds of the universe are her guides, and she will follow when they blow. Make not a prison of your love for her. She can’t stay in an environment of constriction and contempt. It makes her feel hopeless, lost, and afraid.

Her path is lit by a sense of righteousness to serve. She will choose connection and authenticity over comfort and fakery. You will only connect to her through your soul.

Her eyes will penetrate you with a knowing. You cannot hide. She is an intuitive creature, and will never go against her knowing. When you are unable to fulfill her longing for authentic soul connection, she will leave you with an unimaginable longing to contain that which cannot be contained. Life will be easier without her, as she is incapable of ease. She finds ease to be boring, stale, and creatively stifling.

She wants magic, excitement, and a oneness with all of creation. She is on a mission to awaken herself and others. She wants you to join her crusade as she marches with focus and intention through this life, allowing intuition, empathy, and compassion to be her muses.

If you can’t be a spiritual partner and stand beside her supporting and loving her as she is, then you must let her go. She cannot exist in the land of disconnection and distraction, as it weakens her, and she needs every bit of her power to fulfill her life calling.

Once she loves you, that love is eternal and cannot be broken. You will reside in her forever. She will always be your protector, but she will never be your prisoner. She will break free of all that contains her, whatever the cost.

A life of imprisonment is not a life she wants to live. It is better to be carried in her heart as she flies away than to be the one who held her captive. She has no regard for societal role-playing. She demands that those closest to her be present. Only through a sense of being in the moment will you experience her mind-blowing soul connection.

It is a special thing to be loved by a wild soul rebel. Understanding her will be impossible, but loving her and allowing her to love you will be transformational.


Melissa Codispoti


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