Love Is A Feeling

Love Is A Feeling

ra 11.12.2017By Raphael Awen
December 9, 2017

How cool would it be to know what to get yourself for Christmas this year. Something you’d cherish. Something you can afford. Something that brought real joy!

But what?

There’s material things that would be desirable for sure, but they’re not in the budget at the moment (if the size of your desires are anything like mine). There’s social connections you’d like to have, but often, even in physical presence with someone, the desired heart and soul connection that you long for has never been reachable.

The deeper QUESTion is what is it about these wants that point to a deeper want? Then when you ask that question, you find very quickly that parts of you want different things, often opposite things.

Talk about a hard person to shop for!

There is though one thing underneath it all that is the perfect thing. What every different part of you is feeling underneath their desire for something, or some experience is an unfelt feeling. Even these parts of you who feels this way hasn’t yet had space inside of themselves to feel what they feel.

Here’s where you come in. When you can feel what a part of you is feeling, as they are feeling it, you just cracked the code on Christmas shopping. You cracked the code on gift giving. You cracked the code on love. This is what is felt when you receive the perfect gift.

You feel felt. A part of you feels felt.

Love is a feeling. And there’s no one more fitting to receive this gift from, but from you. From you, to you.

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