BEing In The Process Of Ascension

BEing In The Process Of Ascension

ja 12.12By Jelelle Awen
December 11, 2017

I’m not seeing the Ascension picture of a big burst of solar flare and we are all ‘saved’, raised, and redeemed in that instant without pain, adjustment, or a process at all. What I keep being shown and living out myself as Ascension is the process of it, the cycles and the loops and the patterns of it.

The Divine Feminine particularly offers this as She kNOWs about gestation. She kNOWS about the patience that it takes to surrender to a process of birthing long-term rather than wanting to be saved/born/arrive in an instant. She kNOWS that the labor pains make the rewards that much more worth it.

This seems to be Ascension then….the process of being born in 3D….the choosing, the conditioning, the programming, the conforming, the adjusting, the living it out because it was what we needed and wanted to experience. We became turtles in shells, needing that safe home container and the occasional moments to stretch our limbs.

The process, then, of our soul coming in as our consciousness transitions to 4D….the awakening, the blood coming back to these limbs, the ups, the down, the Dark Nights, the Light Days, the blisses, the messes because it is the alchemical process for which all of life is created and arises. We start remembering then that we are actually Angels and of/from the Divine.

The process of feeling and healing all that 3D experience of pain, suffering, isolation, separation AND the grounded and good stuff too of 3D living….both. BEing with the parts of us that have done their duty, been on guard, formed the necessary armor for our ‘tour of duty’ here in 3D. This process of unmasking, putting down ‘arms’, dropping the previously necessary weapons, discarding the shells, letting our wings unfurl and have some room.

So, we arise in all this letting go. We rebirth and are reborn as the layers of what we no longer need and never actually WERE fall away. The feminine within us and the Divine Mother too hold the space for this process, even the masculine impatience at times to just ‘get it over with it’ or ‘have it done.’ She smiles; She comforts; and, sometimes, She lights the match on what needs to burn.


Jelelle Awen (with Sophia, Divine Feminine Wisdom)
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