What Do You Wish To Be

What Do You Wish To Be|آرزوداریدچه بشوید

 Laleh Chini 
 December 14, 2017

There was an assignment given by a third-grade teacher to her kids in an Elementary School.


They all had to write about one subject which was: “What do you wish to be?”

The teacher collected all of her students’ assignments and took them home to read and mark them.

When she started reading and marking, one assignment engaged her attention and made her cry.

Her husband walked in and saw her crying and asked for the reason.

She said: “Read this essay please.”

Her husband started reading the essay loudly:

“Today I would like to wish in a very different way. I know it may seem strange to you but I wish I was a TV. Because everyone likes TV and they gather around it. They pay attention to the TV and listen carefully to hear it well. Everyone stays quiet to catch what the TV is saying. My father has time to listen to the TV even when he is tired. My mother can pay attention to the TV even when she doesn’t like to do anything else. If I was a TV, they would take me seriously. I would have a special place and be center of attention. I know my wish doesn’t make sense and looks weird and unusual, but this is what I wish I was.”

Her husband continued: “What an awful parents this poor kid has. Who is she?”

The teacher wiped her tears and said: “OUR DAUGHTER”


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