A Manifesto for the Woman Creator

A Manifesto for the Woman Creator



Chelsey Reardon
December 12, 2017    

We are here to create. We were placed on this planet with the biological ability to make and bear the greatest gift that there is: another human life.

Many of us choose to bring beautiful new life into this world. Many of us don’t. Some of our creation callings lie elsewhere. But whether we choose to or not, the fact that we can makes us exquisite and powerful beings.

So then why do we — powerful life-creators — struggle so much in the creation of our own lives? In stepping into this power and choosing to live inside of something we’re personally proud of? In something that truly fills us up?

Why do we put everyone else’s needs before our own self-expression?

Or go to sleep at night wishing we had made time for our art and our creativity, only to get up the next morning and leave it last on the priority list again?

We were born with the gift to create life. We were also born with the ability and desire to create relationships, murals, sonnets, spoken word videos about women who don’t give a fuck, days that light our souls on fire, families that move mountains, living rooms and homes that make you feel at peace and safe, songs that leave people speechless and healed, lives that inspire.

We are born for all of these things, if we so choose. But over time, the world has told us we aren’t. And that’s a problem.

Over time, it’s praised the creations it deems acceptable and practical and worthwhile. And it’s outwardly shamed the ones it doesn’t.

So we create inside these guidelines. We create careers. We create days based on what we believe is doable and practical — days that don’t necessarily resonate with or bring our spirits to life.

Here’s the thing:

When we create in the confines of someone else’s suggestions, the authenticity of our art and expression is taken out from under us. The authenticity of our life is stolen.

We strip ourselves of the biggest honor the Universe has given us, and we hand our power over to someone else.

Our power is our expression in this world, and our expression is our power.

I work with women who have lost their voice in the noise. Women who have given up on their expression or taken on someone else’s. The ones who can’t hear their innate wisdom under negative self-talk and insecurities that the world has served them on some cheap and broken platter.

Women who are quick to ask for outside advice before confiding in the inner intelligence of their souls and the brilliance of their desires. The women who can see the potential in everyone and everything but their own two hands.

I work with and walk with and love these women.

I am this woman.

And these are the words I have for her:

You are a powerful creator, born to create.

You own the wisdom to know yourself, your art, and your purpose.

You have everything you need in you to create your strongest story and access your loudest voice.

That voice and your expression are the biggest movers you have to make waves that matter in this world.

They are the most crucial parts of a peaceful soul and a well-lived life.

You are allowed to express yourself authentically without guilt or judgment because you were born to do so.

And you need no permission or outside opinions to create and live out the life you’ve always wanted.

You were born to. We need you to.


Chelsey Reardon


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