Is that Enough for You?

Is that Enough for You?

ra 18.12.jpgBy Raphael Awen
December 17, 2017

Is that enough for you?

I mean, about, what life is giving you? Is it enough? Does it make you happy? Are you left wanting?

We’ve been conditioned to believe that gratitude is better than strong desire, even making the word lust, as in strong, passionate, gotta-have-it kind of desire a bad thing.

Let’s try on something very different for a moment to feel where it can take us.

Let’s start out with a working hypotheses of a conviction that there are no bad things. There is only your relationship to the thing, or lack of a relationship, (in this case, to your desires) that make the thing helpful or harmful.

Take the working hypotheses a step further to feel that even the harmful thing can only ultimately be in service of love, as all is sourced in love, even the duality of that which appears to be not-love, could only be sourced in the one source of love. All is hopelessly contained by love, even the greatest of evils, or darkness.

So we’re left with love seeking a relationship with you, through the experience of your life as you current-ly know it. Your life is a current, a flow, a holographic like projected drama of a cast of characters being projected onto the screen of your life, in front of an audience, in an auditorium.

You are the projector. You are the screen. You are the cast of characters. And you are the audience, auditing in the auditorium – this magical waveform frequency known as you.

It’s all you, awaiting the deeper dawning awareness of the whole point of the story, which is love, and more love, and more love…

The story may at first glance, seem dull or even boring, but look a little closer, and you see that the dull and boring is a carefully engineered cover, a normalized layer over a forgotten greatness, that is in process of awakening. This changes the story big time.

Why the cover? Why all the effort to conceal? What would be the risk of exposed greatness? Holeee Cow! What is actually going on here… Who’s playing what roles and Why?

The lusts of strong desire that feel like they’ve been a thing in your life to overcome, or to tame, the great desires that you may even have to go back down a few layers to reconnect with, having succeeded to a degree in suppressing them; these desires haven’t ‘gone’ anywhere.

They are one of the truest things about you. What you want and ache for is actually a deeply held reality coming from you, and more specifically, from a distinct part of you. If you follow this portal of desire, it will take you to the front door of the place where this part of you lives, in you, in your life.

If you are willing to just feel this unmet ache, this desire, without judgment about the thing being bad or good, or even too quick to judge it as helpful or harmful, realizing that even an addictive pattern of attachment is a placeholder of a deeper heart cry; you will be given the sweetest introduction and induction into the world of this subconscious part of you.

Now, you have a dawning reconnection with an entire acreage inside of your being to explore, get to know and feel, that’s worth all the time it takes and is actually the point of time itself….that moves your story towards what you most sacredly desire, yearn for and even lust after.

Our addictions are simply born out of our unwillingness, borne also by a part of us; to simply and honestly feel. Our addictions are like a Geiger Counter or a Metal Detector pointing directly at our most alive desires, preserved and living in parts of ourselves, holding our way back home to our selves…

So, I ask one more time… ‘what is it that’s enough for you?’ 

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