The Spiral of Light and Love

The Hierarchy of Spirit, The Spiral of Light and Love, The Way

bill 24.jpgBill Attride
December 21, 2017

The Sun stands Still…
And the World holds its breath.
As the shadows grow longer,
And nature waits for a sign,
You wait for the moment,
The return of your Star.

You have reached the last of the Four Great Turnings in the Astrological year: In Aries, Cancer, Libra and Capricorn you encounter the Integral four-fold questions that circumscribe your journey through the stars. In Aries you wonder, “Who am I?”; in Libra you seek to know, “Who are We?”; in Cancer you must discover, “From Where did I Come?”; and in Capricorn you seek to know the ultimate question, “What is my Destiny?”

This is the Cardinal Cross, the Four Seasons of each year and in all your lives. Each depends upon the other, and from these sacred Four Directions you find your way along this Pathway of Perfection, the Road of Illumination, the Luminous Ribbon of Light and Spiritual Love that is the Ethereal Essence forming all of Creation.

Yes, we often think we are bound to our fate, as we struggle against the weight of the past, burdened by our errors, our sins and misfortunes, our stumbles and our fears. And, as the shadows fall, as they do right now, we feel bound and circumscribed by our pitiful meagre form, and fear that our life is fated, without essential merit in an unfeeling, soulless universe which cares not for our future.

But you must know this: That the Universe is Alive, it is Spirit, and it is quite simply formed of Life and Love. You have always known this, a deep and abiding feeling that there is something more about all of this and of you. You and I are part of a Great Journey with an infinite host of other beings. From the smallest infinitesimals on up to Heavenly Lords, the entirety of this Universe is Spirit-Life and it sings and thrills with Consciousness. We are, as are all Life-Forms that form this Cosmos, travelling through this Creation in a great company, forming a Shimmering Ribbon of Light that is ever bending towards a Greater Awareness.

We are Beings of Light and Love who in our hearts and minds think of one thing in the end, we hold one thought and feeling above all the shadows and burdens of long ago…we are guided from within by a yearning, a certain knowing that there is a Destiny to all of this.

We can feel, even in our darkest moments, and most certainly shining through in our greatest triumphs too, that there is a “Leaven of Light” within, a Luminous Sparkling in the heart of one and all, that this Light stretches back through ages and ages ago, and it calls to us equally from the Future and from on High. We are all connected, backwards and forwards upon this Ribbon of Light and Love, and our Destiny is most assured. Our “North Star” is pulling us homeward, back home to the ONE, whose Center is Everywhere and whose Circumference is beyond the bounds of Space-Time.

We should not look backwards with fear or regrets at all, for we have learned in our over-coming, in our countless trials and errors, in our stumbles and falls, that this is precisely how we rose to become what we are; we are what we have become because we fell and then we got up again, and again and again. Much like the symbol of Capricorn, the goat, we climb higher, and higher, and higher…

But we did not, and cannot do this alone or for ourselves. We indeed stand upon all our own prior lives, this is most certainly true. We have made ourselves what we are (self-luminous), yet this is only because of countless others whose well-won triumphs of Soul and Spirit helped to light and lift us up too. Our triumph is theirs, and theirs is ours. We are made of one another, and all our feelings, thoughts and spiritual strengths come from our many lives lived together; we have become what we are now because we lived for one and for all. Our shared aspirations, dreams and life experiences are what has lifted one another out of the darkness and into the Light.

And know this, Greater ones than us, both in bodily forms and beyond, have always extended their hearts and hands to help us find our way. For those who have come this way know that they too were helped along this path; and, it is so with us, that we, in turn, will feel our kinship with all who follow, we will respond with Wisdom and Love, and we will help those who follow, and so on, and so on.

This is the Golden Thread of Spirit-Life-Consciousness, this is the Hierarchy of Masters and Pupils, this is the path of Light and Love…and this, this is your Destiny. This is the Portal of Capricorn; This is the Path of Mastery. This is the Wisdom of Love.

The Path of Light and Love, The River of Shining Ones is the road upon which you travel.
For some it is known as the Middle Way, or The Noble Path, or The Red Road.
But most simply and beautifully, it is simply “Tao”.
It is The Way.
It is from whence you came; and it is the way home.
It is your Destiny.

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